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About Me & The Gretest

As seen in ELLE Decor, PopSugar, El País Semanal, Huffington Post, Shop Til You Drop, Mi Casa and Revista Mia, welcome to The Gretest!


I'm Grete, Owner of The Gretest & Designer for people that appreciate the difference, the force that can be found in a new bunch of contemporary designers creating new concepts in the design field to make your home truly special & unique.

Maybe you're wondering why the heck I care so much about your home? Or what the heck I do know?
I care so much about your home because I really believe that the space where you live, defines you in a deep way, the things that surround you in your room can make a big impact in your happiness & vital energy. They can say you appreciate being alive & having a place (big or small, rented or of your own, but yours) that makes your existence special, funny, different, extraordinary, authentic, just as YOU are, just as The Gretest designs are!

At The Gretest, I want you to discover those products that you won't see in big stores, that are hard to find at your friends' house or anyone's house because they are not mass produced, they come from a curious & passionate mind just to make your life easier & beautiful. You are two clicks away to have that special pillow you were looking for your new apartment that'll transform it instantly in your home, that decorative rug that brighten up your living room in a second, that personal gift to your son that has his new bedroom because he is old enough now! :)

I have more than 15 years designing, working with everyone, from large corporations with new offices to set up to busy, cool mums, modern grandparents, young boys & girls decorating their new and sometimes too small flats, design & architecture lovers with reeeeally cool apartments… In sumary, people, like you, that love design, love art, love modern decor & love to support small companies with a new concept in home decor.

Caring about your home, your family & you is what drives you. Giving a try to something new, like one of our original & colorful designs is like knocking on our door (always waiting for someone like YOU, with an spirit like yours). Letting The Gretest into your home is how you make the connection. One that I know will last. Thank you for such a great honor.
Let's begin. We have a world to change.Guardar



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