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Use Nautical Pillows to Create a Nautical Themed Room

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Posted on July 31 2018

10 Tips For Using Nautical Pillows to Create a Serene Nautical Themed Room

Being near the ocean is absolutely breathtaking and can leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Even though you may not be able to make it to the beach every day, you can still get some of that peaceful serenity by using nautical pillows to create a nautical themed room - and we have a few tips and ideas to help!

Nautical Pillows

When you're trying to achieve a certain motif or design theme for your home, it's easy to get carried away.

Even if you've purchased a summer home on the shore or moved to an oceanfront cottage in New England, overdoing your nautical theme can quickly turn tacky. The key is not to over-saturate your space into a coastal clutter.

You can achieve a subtle, serene, and classic aesthetic with one simple addition, nautical pillows, and we're going to tell you exactly how.

What Kind of Nautical Theme Are You Dreaming Of?

Yes, there are different kinds of nautical theme decor; it's not just anchors and sailboats! If blue and white strips is a little too bold for your taste or preferred aesthetic, a relaxing beach theme may be more your cup of tea.

If you do crave that Nantucket flavor but without all the extra seasoning, cool-toned color schemes like blues and grays are a semi-permanent way to give your space a nautical theme without going overboard.

Whether you're going for the traditional nautical look or a beach theme, adding a natural area rug made of jute, sisal, or seagrass will give you an understated seaside look. So how do you add that nautical flare? Nautical pillows!

Use Your Creativity with Nautical Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest and most creative way to turn any room from drab to fab. Whether you want to give your couch an updated look or add a little something extra to a cool-toned bedroom, adding a nautical pillow can accentuate your theme without making too many waves. Here are some nautical design ideas using throw pillows to give your space the perfect touch.


It seems like scores of tacky nautical bedding are in every brick-and-mortar or online retailer in North America right now. But, you can find unique duvet covers that will be high-quality and stylish if you're willing to look.

Add a bold nautical pillow and your look can give your room a bright pop or use a blue or gray pillow to tone down a room that's already a little busy.

Living Room

Swapping out all of your furniture for natural materials is definitely not the most cost-effective way to achieve a nautical themed room, however, solid wood will last much longer than laminate so you're saving money in the long run.

Nautical Pillow

If you are content with the furniture you already have and just want to add pieces to give your space a nautical feel or totally transform your living space without breaking the bank.

Due to the variety of patterns, colors, and materials, you will find more than one look that fits your new motif so have fun and swap them out!

Outdoor Space

Throw pillows come in a variety of materials that withstand indoor and outdoor use. Use bolder patterns and colors to accent plain white outdoor furniture and make your space feel like you're sailing the high seas. For darker outdoor furniture, soften it up with pastels for a whimsical beach feel.

Find Your Nautical Niche

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