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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom With Accessories

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Posted on September 26 2017

Updating your bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune. It can be as simple as using a few key bathroom accessories to freshen-up a tired look. Check out these handy tips and ideas to upgrade your bathroom with accessories: 


Plants are on trend, plants are part of most classic styles of decor, and they also breathe life into the home by cleaning the air and connecting us to nature visually. Adding some plants to your bathroom will instantly modernise it, open it up and bring the outside in. Consider planting trailing plants in hanging pots rather than clogging up your window area and blocking light.

update your bathroom accessories with plants

2. Shower Curtain

The shower curtain takes up a lot of space, and if there's mould on it, or it is a drab colour, the whole room will be affected by it. Why not opt for a feature curtain like this gorgeous whimsical Hot Air Balloons shower curtain, or this quirky Lighthouse shower curtain. A colourful shower curtain will brighten up the whole room and provide a visual centrepiece.

colorful shower curtain with hot air balloons

3. Glass & Mirrors

Glass and mirrors give the illusion of extra space, all whilst providing a beautiful and classic look. Try an angular or art deco style mirror like this one on Pinterest, and some glass shelves for additional storage that won't cut the space up like traditional shelves do. Or a simple circular mirror can make a space feel more modern instantly.

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4. Take The Eyes Down

The floor is often underrated in a bathroom and there are some amazing changes you can make to draw the eyes down and make it a feature. Mismatched vintage floor tiles, underfloor lighting, chunky natural stone tiles or even just some jazzy lino will create a really different feel to the room. However, for a cheap and easy change, modernise the room with a colourful bath mat. This 'You Look Awesome Baby' bath mat is enough to make anyone smile.

novelty bathmat bathroom accessories

5. Refresh The Basics

How long has it been since you had a new fluffy bath towel, or you changed the handsoap? Little details like a grubby hand soap bottle or scruffy face cloths really bring the overall look of a bathroom down. Look around at all the little details and think about simple and easy changes you could make to the basics such as:

  • Adding fresh fluffy towels including a new hand towel
  • Dispensing hand soap into an attractive container
  • Storing toiletries in wicker baskets or other attractive containers
  • Switching the loo seat for a new, more glamorous one

There's every reason your bathroom can have a brand new look, for very little impact on your time or bank balance. Have you got any tips for updating your bathroom decor with accessories? We'd love to hear them!



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