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5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

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Posted on November 21 2017

At this beautiful, cosy and romantic time of year, we all look to buy that special someone a gift they won't forget. Your daughter, wife, sister, grandma or auntie may well seem easy to buy for when in reality they get a lot of the same gifts year on year. Perfume, shopping vouchers, chocolates - all the same old items that although appreciated, aren't likely to have them smiling from ear to ear.

Perhaps this year it's your turn to knock their socks off? Perhaps you would like them to talk about your gift well into the New Year? You want them to feel truly appreciated, like you've really put thought into a unique and special gift that they will love.

Still struggling for ideas past their favourite perfume? Take a look at these 5 unique gift ideas for women for easy inspiration:


Something For The Hometown Lover


New York print cushion

If you have a partner who loves where they are from, if perhaps you are moving somewhere new, or if the town they grew up in holds a special place in their heart, then the My Cool Town collection is the ideal gift. 

Super-chic pillows, totes and mugs work as gorgeous additions to a home, showing your loved one that you know how much their hometown means to them.


Something To Go With Everything


Colourful scarf

Your special someone will love a piece of wearable art. From fruit and vegetable prints for the super-quirky, to modern and stunning floral prints to brighten up any outfit - the Gretest scarves are designed to enhance the individuality of any style. You don't even have to know their size, so quite simply you can't get this gift wrong. It is unique, stunning and works for any age or taste. 


A Thing That Is Not A Thing

If the person you love is all about having a good time and creating precious memories, then there are ways in which you can help make your gifts more memorable.

Holiday gift ideas for women don't have to be physical items. Go all out and book flights and a quirky AirBnB somewhere you'll both love to explore. Or how about a 'giving back' day, where you both volunteer and then treat yourself to a well-deserved meal afterwards.

You could give your special someone some cool IOU's, with vouchers for a sweet date in a coffee shop. Or perhaps cinema vouchers so you can both go to watch that movie you've been longing to see. It's all about how you present these gifts and the reasoning behind them, more than anything.


A Rest & Relax Package


Netflix and chill blanket

One thing many ambitious women tend to struggle with is relaxing. With work, family life and personal goals there never seems to be time to rest and relax. Why not show your loved one how much you appreciate what she does by creating a rest and relax package for her? Here are some things you could Include:

  • A CD of relaxing music (or an MP3 player with music loaded onto it)
  • A gorgeous set of pillows
  • A beautiful blanket
  • Some calming natural oils, like lavender and jasmine
  • A voucher to do some of the jobs that stop her having time for herself
  • Bath bombs
  • A book you know she is desperate to read

If you have the room in your home, you could even set her up a 'sanctuary space' as a surprise and reveal it on Christmas day.


Something To Take The Edge Off Going Back To Work


Kill Mondays notepad

The Gretest Kill Mondays collection is a unique, quirky and fun movement aimed at Mondays. You may find gifts in the in the form of high-quality totes, journals, t-shirts and mugs. If your partner hates Mondays, why not get her something fun and different in the way of an Kill Mondays gift. She won't have seen anything like it before, she will appreciate the sentiment and it will bring a smile to her face when she returns to work after the holidays.

Remember, a thoughtful gift doesn't have to be complicated, it just needs to be something you have considered well, that shows you know your loved one well. Be creative, take your time and enjoy yourself. Of all the memories you make on Christmas Day, only a small part will be opening gifts. The rest of the day is about being together as a family. But, until you get there, happy gift shopping!



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