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Top 4 Benefits of Buying Affordable Rugs

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Posted on April 23 2018

Buying rugs is expensive, and sometimes, it's just smarter to buy the affordable rugs. Check out these creative things you can do with affordable rugs.

You're in the midst of decorating your home, and no matter how you arrange or rearrange your furniture you feel like something is missing.

The missing piece to your grand design is a beautiful rug to tie everything together.

However, those beautiful area rugs you may have been eyeing are too expensive for you to consider, and that's understandable! Which is why we recommend looking at the cheaper and more affordable rugs.

If you're interested, here's how an affordable rug can benefit both your wallet and your house.

1. They're Functional

A good quality area rug will not only look good on your floor but will also provide you with benefits you may not have even thought of.

Area rugs can reduce the echo of an empty house. Ever noticed when you first walk into an apartment or home with all the walls and rooms bare of everything that there's an echo of sound?

Filling up your home with furniture will reduce the echo because those objects will absorb the sound vibrations.

And what better way to absorb sound than with a rug?

affordable rugs from The Gretest

This works even better if you're living in a multi-level apartment building and you have a downstairs neighbor.

Your rugs will absorb the noise you make and prevent it from bothering your neighbor below; thus, limiting the awkward wall pounding.

Affordable rugs will do more than just reduce echo; they'll also help heat up your home.

Area rugs are great for insulating a room and protecting your feet from freezing by blocking cold air from coming up through the floor.

And because they're another layer of insulation, rugs will reduce the amount of heat needed to warm a room and save you money on heating costs.

Maybe the most beneficial function of rugs is that they act as cushions for hardwood and tile flooring. Children and pets can freely play around on your rugs without worry for your floors.

And if a kid or dog leaves a stain? No big deal. The rug didn't cost much, to begin with.

However, rugs are more than just functional pieces.

2. Get Creative

You don't necessarily need to lay your rugs out on the floor.

In fact, why not use the rug you just bought as wall art?

Or maybe door art?

Buying an affordable rug means you can do just about anything your heart desires with it and still have more than enough money to buy more.

So, go ahead and hang up your rug on a door to give your room more personality. It'll certainly help with acoustics if that's what you're looking for.

Or just display it as the piece of art it is on your wall. Depending on the design of the room, your rug could act as a focal point to draw the eye and finish the scheme.

If you want to be more practical then use your rug as a yoga mat, no one's stopping you. Regular yoga mats can be slippery once you start working up a sweat. A small rug can be the perfect solution while also having a beautiful design.

What else do you think you can do with affordable rugs?

3. Define Areas

Another benefit to more affordable rugs is that you'll likely be more inclined to do more with them.

Living in a studio or open floor apartment means that you need to create your spaces. Actual wall dividers or bookshelves are great at dividing up areas but can be sometimes difficult to move around.

But with a large enough area rug with a great pattern, you can just hang up your wall divider and quickly change it out when you decide to redesign your living space.

Of course, you can define areas the good old-fashioned way by putting your rug on the floor.

Take bedroom and home office combinations, for example. Placing an area rug under your desk will define that space as where you get work done while also defining out the rest of the bedroom.

While this doesn't seem like much, it helps your brain differentiate the two areas, so you don't associate sleep with your desk or work with your bed.

But what's the most significant benefit of shopping for an affordable rug?

4. Affordable Rugs and Great Quality

The most significant benefit of buying an affordable rug is that it's cheaper than rugs that are hundreds of dollars!

Rugs can get expensive, and by expensive we mean in the thousands of dollars expensive, especially if you're shopping around and looking at antique rugs.

After a certain point, price doesn't always end up equaling quality. You can most certainly find quality, lasting rugs that are relatively inexpensive.

It's all a matter of finding the right retailer and understanding the materials and labor that go into making a rug.

Also, you'll be able to buy as many rugs as your heart desires or as your home needs.

Affordable rug from The Gretest

Buying an expensive rug can be similar to buying large furniture. You'll have to save up for it and buy it one piece at a time until you complete your design.

Ready to Start Looking?

High quality and inexpensive rugs are out there; you just need to find them.

In the meantime, if you have any more questions about quality rugs then contact us, and we'll be happy to answer them!



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