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The Biggest Range of Exclusive Designer Pillows in the World

The Gretest

Posted on December 26 2017

Image showing a scandi style cushion on a pale grey sofa

Pillows, or throw cushions, if you prefer, are amongst the most versatile home accessories with which to explore interior design. Laid against a wall, puffed up on a couch or bed, neatly arranged on a window seat, randomly strewn in a reading corner, or even included in a cozy outdoor sanctuary - pillows provide a means to express style. Pillows can add a pop of color, pattern or texture to any home. They help create an air of relaxation and that oh-so desirable ‘hygge’ feel we all want in our homes.

Put your stamp on your home

This exceptionally versatile and accessible medium on which to design, is one of the reasons Grete has embraced pillow designs so comprehensively. In fact, The Gretest has the biggest range of exclusive designer pillows in the world - a wonderfully unique, stylish and imaginative collection. Whatever your preferences, you can be sure to find a style that is self-expressive and unique for your home.

The Collections

Although some prints and patterns are stand alone, most of these exclusive designer pillows fall into the following categories:


scandi style cusion

Any fan of the increasingly desirable Scandi decor will be in heaven in this pillow section. Planes, monochrome, buses, cartoons - you'll find all manner of Scandinavian influenced design here. Just like Scandinavian decor, these pillows are timeless so you can expect to keep finding new designs and prints regularly.


Ahead of this years geometric trend, Grete has always experimented with linear design and playful shapes in her pillow prints. From intricate smaller prints to big chunky styles, ombre, crescents and noughts and crosses, you'll find plenty to appease your visual geometry preference here.

For Kids

playful kids cushion with lion print

One thing many people believe is that once you have children, all sense of style goes out the door. It really doesn't have to. Your home and your child's rooms can be beautiful and stylish, as well as practical. The designer pillows for children’s rooms absolutely prove that this can be the case, with gorgeously unique prints that will look stunning in any context.


floral cushionInterior design is always looking to maintain a connection with nature - flowers, plants, trees - and Grete has explored all kinds of exciting and unique takes on flora and fauna. Why not bring the outside into your home, in a way that suits you?



You can introduce effortless elegance to your home with a classic nautical style using a combination of stripes, blue hues and weathered, faded neutrals. Crabs, seagulls and octopus all feature in this cute collection to add pops of colour and playfulness to your design.


striped colourful cushion

From bright, bold, chunky stripe prints to more unique layered stripe patterns, there's something for you in this collection of exclusive designer pillows if you're all about those lines.

Black & White

Monochrome will always be a classic. It provides the ultimate foundation on which to put your own stamp. Its clean, simple look is a firm favourite and works well in any context. Stormtroopers, hearts and geometric patterns all feature in this section.


colourful, moroccan cushion

The Moroccan style provides an explosion of color and shape and is a perfect way to bring pattern into the home. Working well against neutrals, they can provide a foundation from which to pick out a block colour to use elsewhere in the room.

All of Grete’s creations are created to help empower all of us to bring out our unique self through the medium of interior design. Introducing a plethora of pillows into your home is one of the most accessible ways to do this. And with the largest collection of exclusive designer pillows in the world, all that is left for you to do is enjoy picking out the prints and designs that resonate with you.



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