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How to Spruce Up Your Living Space With a Designer Rug

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Posted on July 21 2020

Do you need something to add to your living space? Here's how a designer rug can tie your entire room together and why you should consider buying one.

In recent years, the ultimate flooring design trend has been luxurious hardwood floors.

Coming in a stunning range of styles and looks, they're hardwearing, stylish and definitely here to stay. The only issue is, without something to break up the space, they can make a room feel cold, stark and even echoey.

Enter designer rugs.

They are the perfect complement to hardwoods and add a warmth to a room both in look and underfoot, while not sacrificing style.

Here's our guide to how to spruce up your living space with a designer rug.

Go Big, or Go Home

If you're looking to make a statement, an area rug can be the way to do it.

A designer rug may feature a bold design that owns the rooms, sets the palette and demands attention. Currently, modern striped designs, geometric patterns in striking colors and strong primary colors are trending.

If you like the idea of an area rug, but don't want it to dominate, choose a color that will bring your room together and focus on texture, feel and comfort.

Remember that a rug should not sit on its own in the middle of your furniture. It needs to fill the space, going comfortably under your furniture.

If cost is a concern, consider layering with a cheaper area rug beneath. This will allow you to still make your statement but at a lower cost.

Modern Twists on Tradition

Certain rugs are timeless and never go out of style.

An example of this is Mexican and Native American inspired designs that are currently trending.

Designer Rug

Bringing together the heritage of the region with modern fabrics and techniques, they can create a striking look. Using a rich, earthy palette, they pair well with modern furniture and architectural styles and bring vibrancy to a living room.

Persian and Persian-inspired rugs are also a great way to add designer elegance to your living space.

Be Bold

It can be nervewracking when you decide to go for a bold print and let's face it - it'll always divide opinion.

But as long as its tastefully chosen and doesn't clash with your existing decor, then be daring and choose a bold design. If it's something you love, it'll make your heart sing every time you see it.

There are awesome choices of designer rugs available now, in geometric, random, lines, circles - everything under the sun.

Pick something you really love and it will be a great talking point and something individual that will bring you a lot of pleasure.

The Takeaway: Spruce Up Your Living Room with a Designer Rug

We can boil down our advice to the three headlines - go big, consider the classics and be bold.

If you're redesigning your living room now, choose your rug first and let that guide the rest of your decisions. If it's an addition, don't be afraid to make a statement if you love it. It will breathe life back into your living space!

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