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Nursery Area Rugs: Do’s and Don’ts

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Posted on October 19 2017

baby on nursery area rug

Choosing the right nursery area rug for your new arrival's bedroom is a great way to bring the entire space together. You can introduce tons of color, different textures and patterns, and make an empty space feel more homely and comfortable with a soft, safe space for plenty of tummy-time and play as your baby grows.

But when it comes to choosing a nursery area rug, it can be tricky to make a decision. Which size is best? What material is the best? What colour or design should I have on the rug? This is particularly hard when it comes to choosing an area rug for a nursery because the material needs to be that much more durable and easy to clean. 

It is a lot to think about, so if you're feeling a bit unsure about where to start, try following some of these easy do's and don't's: 

Which Size Nursery Area Rug Is Right?


Make a decision on the rug's purpose. It should be either large enough to bring together the largest bits of furniture in the nursery, or small enough to work completely away from them. Understanding why you want the rug will help you decide the right size. 

This beautiful My Forest Rug is an ideal example of how a large feature rug pulls together an entire room. 

nursery area rug forest design


Opt for a smaller rug if you have a tiled or hardwood floor as it can make the room look more empty and disjointed.


Choose a rug to fill the void of space if you're placing it on a carpet. It should have a few inches between the edge of the rug and the nursery furniture. 


Choose an accent rug to highlight parts of the room, like a reading corner or the baby's crib. 

Balance The Overall Look


Step back and look at the overall design of the nursery when you have chosen your rug and the other pieces of furniture and furnishings for the room. Is anything missing? Is there enough color/ too much color? Is there layering of texture? Are there areas of interest? This will help you see what the room is missing and how the rug choice can help fill that gap. For example: if the room is lacking in pattern and color, this bold R2D2 rug will fill in that gap and bring those qualities to the room. 

star wars nursery area rug


Pick a rug of the same color as everything else. Focus on contrast with either color, pattern or texture, this will make the space much richer in design. This should also help the rug be of more interest to the child, who will be spending the most time in this room. 

Choose The Right Material 


Consider your priorities. Animal materials? Manmade fabrics? Organic fabrics? It is so hard to know which type of rug material is best for your nursery. If you prioritise whether the rug is durable, easy clean or organic, you can then have a good idea which materials are suitable for you. 


Don't make the mistake of choosing a rug that is impractical.

-All of The Gretest nursery area rugs are easily washable with soap and water, so common nursery stains and spills will wash-out without any special care.

-They also have a grip pad underneath so they are extra safe and practical for use in a nursery.

-The eco-friendly dye used to create them means that you are helping to preserve the world for your child's future, as well as keeping them from nasty chemicals and toxins.

Enjoy choosing the right rug for your nursery. Your child will love whichever design you choose, especially as this is one room of the house you can really let loose and have fun with the design. Be playful!



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