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Modern Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

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Posted on November 07 2017

Modern thanksgiving home decor ideas

Turkey Day is nearly here and we are all bracing ourselves for plenty of delicious food, making memories with friends, and a day of celebration and of course, giving thanks. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the lead up because the anticipation builds and allows everyone to get excited about what is to come. Thanksgiving decorations in the home are a huge part of the build-up to this great day. Needing a little thanksgiving home decor inspiration? Take a look at these modern Thanksgiving home decor ideas:

White Is Alright

Thanksgiving is traditionally colorful but not everybody likes tons of color in their Thanksgiving home decor. Minimalism, along with scandi-inspired design scapes, hold strong in home decor and that theme can easily remain at this time of year. Going white with your Thanksgiving decorations is a great way to stay minimalist and festive. Opt for white squash and white table accessories, frosted glass and bone or bleached wood tidbits. Gold, silver and muted greens break up the look well.

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Keep The Outdoors Outdoors

Outdoor Thanksgiving parties are the ultimate way to create Hygge, stick with modern home decor and literally connect to nature. Create comfort and warmth with luxurious blankets like this movies and popcorn blanket, cushions and rugs along with firepits and maybe a coat box for an element of fun.

Opulence For Glamsgiving

Forget the tack and cheese, instead go for modern home decor and opulence this year with rich colors like navy blue or plum. Splashes of gold and brass along with some sparkle and bling will provide a truly adult setting for a day of indulgence.

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Forest Fun

If you don't fancy braving the cold outside for an outdoor Thanksgiving, why not bring a forest theme indoors. Moss, twigs, acorns, a cool forest wall tapestry, and delicate floral displays will provide a whimsical and soft setting for your soiree.

Fruitful Displays

Fruit and vegetables of the season can make extremely stunning displays in the home. A basket of juicy apples by the fire, sprinkled with cinnamon sticks. Some red corn bundled up on the table. Giant sunflower wreaths on the doors, and perhaps berries sprinkled across mantelpiece displays. What better way to give thanks for this bountiful time of year than by using the fruits and vegetables of the harvest in your Thanksgiving decor?

Unicorn & Mermaid

Unicorns and mermaids have been everywhere this year, so why not embrace the trend and include it in your Thanksgiving decor? Glittery tablemats and tablecloths will delight your guests. Magical cutlery ties made from shell and glittery string on the table look very cute and stand out from the usual festive fayre. You don't have to go full fantasy and could simply glitter up some pumpkins if you wanted to, it's all about being creative and having fun.


Contained Festivities

A lot of fall and Thanksgiving decorations relate to scattered leaves, lights and accessories. To reign in the chaos a touch and create more of a muted sense of fun, consider containing the decorations. Get different glass containers like jars, tall vases and glasses and play around with mono-decorations. Like leaves in a bell jar, or colorful squashes in a vase. You can then place the containers wherever you want for a fuss free Thanksgiving. 

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Remember that you should gain inspiration from pictures, articles and other people, but you should always take the heart of the inspiration from your own creativity. What are you giving thanks for this Thanksgiving? What are those around you thankful for? Focus on what you love and the importance of the holiday for your family and the resulting decor is bound to be beautiful.



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