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Modern Nursery Design Inspiration

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Posted on August 15 2017

Modern Nursery Design Inspiration

One of the most exciting things about planning for a new baby is designing, decorating and furnishing a nursery. It's a great opportunity to go to town with your creativity and incorporate some modern nursery designs, color schemes and prints that you perhaps wouldn't use elsewhere in the home. There's a lot of modern nursery design inspiration out there, so we've gathered together some of our favorite ideas and combined them with some useful tips to make designing baby's first bedroom as easy as ABC! 

Modern Nursery Design Themes & Ideas

You needn't narrow your choices down to a single concept, or style. However, having a specific theme or idea for your nursery in mind is a great idea. It enables you to avoid getting overwhelmed with ideas and focussing your creativity. It can also save a lot of time, and deliberation when it comes to making decisions.

Some popular modern nursery design themes at the moment include:

Forest Themed Nurseries

The forest theme is a hot nursery trend right now, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Use neutral wall colors like grey, beige and pale green and complement with forest themed artwork and accessories. The Forest Theme has been the inspiration behind many of Grete's designs - check out some of these kids throw pillows or this woodland creatures blanket for starters. And this forest bear wall tapestry is a versatile way to introduce a forest theme without committing to permanent wall decorations. A forest themed nursery is adorable for newborns, yet suitable for older children as well. And if you keep it fairly subtle there's no reason why it wouldn't work as a guest bedroom too if the need ever arises. 

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woodland animals blanket for nursery

Gender Neutral Nurseries

You will see this everywhere when you research nurseries, it is the buzzword in nursery design right now. If you don't know what the gender of your baby will be, then its easy to design a nursery that is suitable for a boy or a girl. Concentrate on themes like animals, stars and clouds, vintage patterns or the alphabet. You can always personalise the room further once your baby is born.

Stripes Or Shapes

You might choose to make the running theme of the nursery stripes or shapes. There can be one overriding color of course, but running squares, circles or stripes through various aspects of the nursery is a great way to pull the look together.



You may also want to create a mood board or inspiration folder so that you have all of your ideas in one place. If you're researching online, Pinterest is a great place to organize your ideas.

Choosing a modern nursery color palette

The color palette for your nursery will form the base of the rest of the decor. If you know the sex of your baby and want to keep with tradition there are many gorgeous shades of pink and blue to choose from. For example, a dusty pink base combined with pale grey accents is a great way to incorporate a modern twist on classic nursery color schemes.

However, if you want to branch out from traditional nursery decor, there are so many other unique and creative ways to incorporate color into the room. Take some of these ideas for example:

A Pop Of color

You could have one feature wall with a brightly designed wallpaper featuring something fun like cars, or hot air balloons. Then pick out colors from the wallpaper and use them to choose other items in the nursery like a rug, or accessories. The Gretest has a beautiful hot air balloons rug and hot air balloons pillow for this kind of modern nursery design.


yellow throw pillow for modern nursery design


Whilst this may seem boring to some, to others it is the most classic, chic option that works well with the rest of the modern home, and that provides the perfect relaxed backdrop for baby to be in. Shades of grey are particularly on trend at the moment when it comes to modern nursery design. These Pinterest neutral nurseries are stunning, and timeless in style.

One Shade or Tone

You might want to choose a specific color, shade or tone to play with in a nursery, which could expand into patterns as well. For example if you choose blue, you could have a lighter shade of blue on the walls, contrasting with a darker blue rug, and perhaps relevant blue patterns like sky with clouds, or nautical themes.

High Contrast Nursery Color Schemes

High contrast colors like black, white and red are very stimulating for newborns whilst their eyesight is still developing in the first few months. Incorporating some high contrast colors within the nursery is a great way to provide babies with something simple and engaging to focus on in those early days. If you don't want to commit to painting black and white stripes all over your walls, why not hang a black and white mobile over your baby's cot, or find some simple high contrast prints to hang on the wall? One of these high contrast pillows would look great on a nursing chair.

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high contrast pillow for nursery

Modern Pastels

Pastels lend themselves to so many different styles and patterns within a nursery. They are extremely on trend, they are beautiful, and they really work with the cutesy, whimsical style of a nursery setting. Candy colored walls against natural woods and chunky accessories work really well for a grown-up style modern nursery.

Shades of green

Green is Pantone's color of the year, and can be used beautifully to create a gender neutral nursery. Have fun with a jungle theme by incorporating some tropical leaf prints - either as wall artwork, or in a rug like this. You can have some fun painting jungle animals on the wall, or if you're less artistically inclined, wall stickers are a great option.

Green modern nursery design

tropical rug for modern nursery

Try to remember that you're creating a room you will love too, as you will be spending almost as much time is it as your baby does. It's also important to consider how the nursery will evolve as your child grows. A room that you'd consider suitable for a newborn may not be a 3-year old's cup of tea. Worth bearing in mind if you're not planning on redecorating a few years down the line.


Layering is an important part of the nursery design process, not only because of the completed design but also because of the actual decorating process. It is a great idea to purchase the soft furnishings first, so that you have your main palette of colors and shades to work from.

Take this hot air balloon pillow for example:

hot air balloon kids throw pillow

Pale green would be your base colour, and yellow and coral could form your accent colors. You'd use your neutral base color for walls and larger items whilst the bolder accent colors could feature in soft furnishings, accessories and ornaments within the room.

Don't forget that layering also relates to the textures in the room. Adding different textures like a fluffy rug, next to a smooth beanbag or pouffe, and a silky throw layers up the room to make it more elegant and considered. It is all about building the room up to be interesting, textured, beautiful, practical and safe, layer by layer.

A final note on safety

There is no getting away from the fact that this room needs to be the safest in your entire house. Consider how the decorations and furnishings you use comply with official safety advice when it comes to babies and young children. For example, decorations like bunting and fairy lights look lovely within a nursery, but always ensure that any cords or lengths of string are well out of baby's reach. Make sure buttons on cushions are big enough not to constitute a choking risk, and keep the cot clear of large soft toys or pillows that would present a SIDS risk.

You can never be too careful, and there is nothing wrong with going to all lengths to ensure your nursery is as safe as it can be. ROSPA have a really good selection of articles on keeping children safe in the home. Parents At Home also did this great article on making your nursery at home safe.

Hopefully, you're feeling a little inspired by our ideas, and you're excited to start researching the design for your nursery. With a little patience, creativity and time, you will be able to make the perfect new room for your beautiful new arrival. Good luck!



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