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16 Modern Home Accessories and Decor Trends for Fall 2017

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Posted on September 12 2017

modern home accessories and decor trends fall 2017

There are so many modern home accessories and decor trends to look forward to this fall. As the nights draw in and colder weather sets-in, our homes become havens of relaxation and cosiness. They also become hotspots for winter entertaining if you like to keep hosting all year round. This change in pace, and season, makes for opportunity in the way of new decor trends.

Summer allowed the fresh breeze to run through the home, and bright, sunny colours to create splashes of excitement and interest, but the temperatures have dropped and there's an urge and need to nest; to make things cosy, warm and comfortable.

To help you make this transition from Summer to Fall/ Winter 2017, here are some of the key decor trends and modern home accessory ideas for this season:

1. Emerald Green

Emerald green is hot stuff this Fall, and you'll likely see it all over the place. Paint your wooden furniture in it, get your cushions in it, change your curtains to it, get floor rugs in it - you cannot go wrong with Emerald this Fall. It really is the most beautiful color for this season and the mossy feel it provides is just perfect for the darker months. Combine with natural materials like chunky aged wooden floors, thick knit throws and battered metal home accessories and decor.


2. Big Floral Prints

When is floral not on trend? Actually, it tends to go out of trend in Fall because we tend to associate florals with Spring. But not this year! This year you can enjoy floral prints with a darker, gothic twist. Imagine florals with a black background, or big bold floral prints on wallpaper against a contrasting block color background. With this season's seductive and opulent textures, florals are an excellent way to bring some flair into a room's overall tone.  

3. Woven Things

Thick knits, wicker, woven rugs: anything with a woven or knitted texture is on trend which is ideal for those who love natural textures. There's room to not only purchase but also to create some beautiful home accessories and decor for your home. Checkout this giant knit blanket in trendy grey on Pinterest to get your 'all things woven' inspiration flowing.

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4. Monochrome

Monochrome is always classy, always chic and always relevant and it is also everywhere this Fall. If you want strength in your home accessories and decor this is the trend for you. Take a look at this gorgeous example of modern monochrome in the home on Pinterest.

 5. Your Own Haven

Perhaps because health and wellbeing is such a quickly growing market, wellness has found its way into decor trends this Fall. In particular, there is a trend to make your very own technology-free haven at home. All you have to do is find a nook or cranny to suit you - perhaps your summer house (if it has heating), the orangery or even just a beanbag in the bedroom - and add to it to make it the perfect place to rest. Add a little basket for books, some cosy blankets, and perhaps an oil diffuser to bring an element of scent therapy into the space. Our Sailing Pillow is ideal for an area where you're allowing your mind to sail away from all the stresses of modern life.

home decor trend fall 2017 tech free haven

6. Velvet

Velvet is another trend you will see everywhere this Fall, and it is perfect for adding a luxurious and opulent feel to any home. Enjoy it with thick curtains, pouffes, pillows, throws, blankets or even foot stools or couches. Take it as far as your budget and imagination allows.

7. Intricate Geometric

Intricate geometric patterns are all over the place when it comes to tiles, and you can find similar patterns on pillows and printed materials. This beautiful grey and pink wallpaper pattern on Pinterest is the perfect example of how you can incorporate the look into your home without it being too sharp. This black geometric tiled wall on Pinterest is a sleek and strong look, showcasing the way the trend can add texture. If you want an easy way to add the intricate geometric trend into your home, we have a huge selection of geometric pattern throw pillows

geometric home decor trend fall 2017

 8. Blush

A beautiful pinky-red color, blush works so well with the flirtatious and indulgent colors and textures of Fall. It is romantic and warm, and works incredibly well in a variety of applications. Paint your plant pots with it, create t shirt yarn bowls from blush material, or maybe up-cycle some furniture by painting it in this alluring, super modern color.

 9. Check

Check patterns tend to come into fashion every winter. There's always a different key colour or type of check that you tend to see the most of. But really it is about matching it with your other home accessories and decor, as well as with your personal taste. There's a check pattern for everyone.

 10. Wacky Bedding

Every season there's a new selection of materials, textures and colours that result in a beautiful bed made up of all those different trends. However, the bed has rebelled and this season there's a trend for wacky bedding. There are many different interpretations of this trend, so our advice is to just go for it and have the wackiest, most creative bed you've ever had. Your focal point should be an epic print or bold colour on your bedding and perhaps, contrasting colours to keep it all trendy. Our Always Happy Quilt Cover is definitely quirky enough for this trend, or if you prefer something a little less characterful, then our Modern Duvet Cover could work well for you.

modern duvet home decor trend fall 2017

 11. House Plants

Plants never really go out of fashion, but they enjoying new appreciation in Fall 2017 as life-giving, air-cleaning, reminders of the outside world.  Succulents have remained on-trend for a while and they're ideal if you do not have green fingers. Pair with painted pots or brass containers for extra 'trend points'.

 12. Grey

Grey continues to stay on trend and rule the roost when it comes to the leading colour people are choosing for their decor 'neutral'. It makes sense because it doesn't have to be cold. Plus, it's that bit more chic than the beiges of yesterday and that bit more edgy than the creams and washed-out duck eggs that can sap the life out of a home. It also works incredibly well with this season's key bolds blush, emerald and teal.


13. Colour Blocking

Take a few bold colours and have those colours as your theme for a room: that is all there is to colour blocking. If you love brights but don't know how to keep them in your home for your Fall 2017 decor without looking a touch in denial summer is over, then this is the trend for you. Checkout a really great example of colour blocking in this gorgeous designer home on Pinterest.

 14. Natural Materials

Natural materials are still very much on trend, although the trend shifts between different types of material. For example: copper has been having quite the moment but it is now a little tacky unless it is integrated into the home in the way of bathtubs and the like. This season we see copper trends replaced by aged brass. Clay and wood are also still very much the modern home materials to be looking at.

brass home accessories trend fall 2017

15. Vintage Explorer

Anything from old globes to brass magnifying glasses count as 'vintage explorer', a really cute theme for this Fall 2017 decor trend. Perfect for studios, home offices and even themes for childrens bedrooms if you have a child with an imagination that already reaches across the globe.

16. Teal

This glorious middle ground between blue and turquoise is a stunningly deep and vibrant Fall 2017 decor colour to embrace in the home. Like blush and emerald, you can add splashes of it with accessories, or simply embrace it full throttle and get furniture, curtains, carpets or tiles in teal and make it 'the main event' when it comes to decor in your home.


We're already imagining the cold frosted weekend mornings sat with a hot cup of coffee, curled up on a warm crushed velvet couch, snuggling into opulent giant knit grey cushions, whilst we plan whether to paint succulent pots blush, emerald or teal. We hope you enjoy incorporating some of these modern home accessories and decor trends into your personal haven this Fall 2017!



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