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5 Ways To Make A Dorm Room Feel Homely

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Posted on August 09 2017

teddy bear makes dorm room feel like home

Going off to college is an exciting but sometimes scary time for most young adults. It can be even more nerve-wracking for the parents who are seeing their child make their own way in the world for the first time. We want them to be independent, happy and content as they settle into a new life away from home.

One of the things that we can do as parents to help our children settle into college well, is to enable them to create a homely environment in their dorm room. For the next few years, this dorm room is going to be their world. Their surroundings, and especially your living space will play a huge role in their whole college experience.

If your child is off to college and you want to help them feel at home in their dorm room, follow these 5 easy tips: 

1. Have Some Reminders Of Home

There's nothing wrong with having some photos of family and friends from back home up if that helps the space feel like a home. A blanket or throw from home is also a great way to add a cosy touch of homeliness. It can be fun shopping for new bedding when moving into a new dorm, but using duvet covers and bed sheets from home is a guaranteed way to bring a bit of familiarity to a new situation.

2. Give It Some Style

So many dorm rooms are a mish-mash of style and clutter. Of course they are an area for self expression, but making them look chic and stylish will turn a dorm room into a comfortable space you can enjoy. Some bright pillows like The Gretest Super Colors pillows, mixed with a block color bed set, and perhaps some wall art would look fun and give the space a sense of identity. 

3. Cover Up Signs Of The Previous Tenant

A lot of dorm rooms have signs of the people that lived (and partied) there before. Stains on the carpet are the worst, and they can bring the tone of the whole space down. A lovely rug like the vintage tigers rug from The Gretest works wonders not only to brighten the space up, but to cover those gross little signs of students past.  

4. Encourage Your Child To Take Pride In Their Space

The more your child loves their new space, the more likely they are to take pride in it and ultimately feel at home in it. You might do this by sitting down and writing a list of items for the dorm room, letting them pick and choose their own items, and by giving them an allowance for decorating it.  

5. Make It Comfortable

Most people miss home because home is a place of comfort. Whether that is the big squashy armchair in the living room, the fluffy throw in the study, or the swing chair in the yard, there's always a lot of things that make a home comfortable. Those are the things we tend to miss, hence the term 'home comforts'.

So it makes sense to ensure a dorm room is also comfortable to make it more like 'home'. Comfy throw cushions with The Gretest Colorful Blanket, and a big squashy beanbag could be all it takes for your child to make their dorm room a home from home. And a mattress topper is a great way to make tired old dorm mattresses more comfortable.

Remember, a dorm room will never be just the same as home, that's one of the reasons why weekends and holidays back with the family will be so special. However, with the right efforts and thoughtful touches here and there, college digs can be come a homely space for relaxing and studying. 



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