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Know Your Style: The Best Way Wear an A-Line Dress

The Gretest

Posted on June 20 2018

Explore the best dress for your body shape and discover the best way to wear that A-line dress you've had your eye on!

Find yourself staring at your closet thinking "I have nothing to wear" more often than you'd like? This is an experience that nearly all women share, no matter how much they perfect their personal style or expand their wardrobe.

A line Dress by The Gretest

Luckily, we think there's a clothing item that can make you feel stylish and confident anytime you feel stuck in an outfit rut. The A-line dress is a classic piece that never goes out of style. Having one or several A-line dresses in your closet will ensure you always have the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Wondering how to style an A-line dress or what to wear with one? Read on for simple tips to help you style an A-line dress for summer parties, important work meetings, and virtually any other occasion.

Feel Confident - Anyone Can Look Amazing in an A-Line Dress

It's true! The A-line style consistently tops the list of best dress silhouettes for your body type because it is universally flattering. A-line dresses are fitted at your natural waistline and then gently and gradually widen past your hips. The result is a beautifully fitted top with a slight triangular shaped skirt.

The beautiful but simple A-line shape means this style dress will help you feel attractive, poised, and comfortable each time you wear it. This ease makes the dress a breeze to style for any occasion.

Style Your Dress for Work and Feel Great 9 to 5

The ease of an A-line style dress makes it an especially popular choice when it comes to building a work wardrobe. The style isn't fussy but is still interesting enough that you won't feel frumpy or boring at the office. Whether you choose a solid color dress or a simple pattern, you can style your dress in a variety of ways.

If your dress is sleeveless, make it work appropriately with an open cardigan or blazer. The extra later will add interest, too. All you'll need for your sleeved dress at the office are a great pair of shoes and one statement piece of jewelry to create a complete and stylish outfit.

Wear the A-Line Style for Any Special Occasion

Mothers' Day brunch, a daytime wedding, a baby shower - an A-line dress can be worn for nearly any special occasion. In fact, having one or several A-line styles in your closet will help ensure you never have to run out for a last-minute outfit for an event.

A line Dress by The Gretest

Just like for work, vary your special occasion outfits by switching up layers and accessories. For fun events like showers and romantic dates, go bold with an interesting pattern or your favorite heels. At church and brunches, keep things classy but fun with trendy flats, a brightly colored cardigan, or dangling earrings.

The Search for the Perfect Dress

If you don't have an A-line dress in your closet today, or you're looking for one or two dresses to add to your collection of A-line styles, we can help. We offer an impressive selection of beautiful, modern clothing in classic shapes, including A-line dresses.

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