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Posted on October 26 2017

kill mondays tote bag red and yellow

Grete, the mastermind behind The Gretest products and designs has been designing for most of her life, but her Kill Mondays design was the true beginning of the mammoth design and home decor company that is The Gretest. 

The cool phrase placed on beautiful bold tshirts, mugs and tote bags might excite you because you hate Mondays or you might just like the gorgeous design. If you love how it looks, you might be curious as to where the phrase came from and what is behind it.  

The Start Of The Kills Mondays Revolution

Grete began her life as a designer before she even started designing. Her father took incredible photos and her whole family embraced the arts. She was always surrounded and entranced by the visual world. So it is no surprise she began drawing and enjoying photography herself early on. When maturity met creativity she was able to realise that graphic design and photography was actually a very strong form of expression.

This led to various jobs within the design world working for companies set within mundane, grey office blocks. Lacking inspiration from her work though, was what actually sparked her first real 'seed' idea for printing: a 'Kill Mondays' t-shirt which at the time featured a picture of a knife. Grete remembers that very moment, that burst of color and inspiration born of utter drab monotony, being the birth of The Gretest. The desire to break out and bring beautiful, unique designs to people who want something different.  

Get Behind The Kill Mondays Revolution

Grete's story is something all of us can relate to isn't it? Grete has done her time with miserable Mondays and understands the struggle each and everyone of us has rustling up so much as a weak smile to colleagues on the first day back after a glorious weekend at home.

The lucky result of that time was this super-bold, super-modern, super-exciting range of totes, journal, tshirts and mugs available in a wide range of vibrant colors.

The Kill Mondays revolution isn't just for people who hate Mondays, although there are plenty of us out there. It may be that you simply cannot stand the beginning of the week and wish to protest Mondays in the most chic way, in which case grab a Kill Mondays mug and sip your Monday morning coffee at your desk quietly but strongly protesting this despicable day. Alternatively, enjoy the Kill Mondays look as a way to enjoy the effortlessly unique and cool styles offered by Grete and her incredibly powerful backstory and design ethic.

So there you have it, a super beautiful and chic collection with a super relatable backstory. Maybe next Monday you can be armed with your very own bright and bolshy protest in the form of a tote or mug, Monday won't know what's hit it!

kill mondays mug pink

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