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10 Instagram Accounts For Summer 2017 Style Inspiration

The Gretest

Posted on July 13 2017

Instagram summer 2017 style inspiration

Although it is good to always be unique and bold with your fashion sense, there is nothing wrong with getting a bit of inspiration… or even a lot of inspiration!

Inspiration is not the same as out-and-out copying somebody. It is seeing things done in a different or new way, and incorporating that into your look however you see fit.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a heads up on some of the best Instagram accounts for Summer 2017 style inspiration, so you can have access to fresh, new and fun fashion ideas every single day:

Janelle Marie Lloyd - @waityouneedthis

NYC based fashion instagrammer and blogger Janelle Marie Lloyd has the perfect Instagram account if you like to pick and choose where and how you pop your brights into your outfits carefully. Everyday fresh base looks use a lot of denim and whites, and carefully selected patterns and strong colours are mixed in for a fresh take on a classic look.

Korin Avraham - @yasalamfashionblog

For lovers of travel and how it influences fashion, this Instagram account is ideal. Follow for the beautiful and daring outfits, and the jaw-dropping backgrounds.


Helena Bordon @helenabordon

If you really enjoy a bald turtleneck, or a creative sweater, this is the Instagram account for you. Everything is very young and fun, but also so accessible to all age groups. Ideal if you want quick ideas for accessing modern fashion and trends as an older woman.

Natalie Joos - @jxxsy

A massive fan of affordable and recycled fashion, not to mention travel, Natalie Joos has an Instagram account packed full of gorgeous bright outfits, graffiti shots, travel shots and more. If you want lively pictures that keep you interested, this is the account for you.

Rach Parcell - @rachparcell

The perfect account for girly girls who love flirtatious, pretty, well fitted outfits.

Erica Davies - @erica_davies

Most fashion lovers also have a love of decor trends which tend to follow the style guide year on year. If you find your love of clothes and decor equally fills your heart, this account, packed full of drool-worthy homes and beautifully smart modern outfits is your perfect choice.

Alyson Walsh - @thatsnotmyage

This later life lover of all things fashion ensures grey stays chic every single season. This is a worldly account with depth, and some popping outfits of course. 

Laura Fantacci - @witblog

Italian Fantacci who currently lives in London takes all of us to the party scene in her beautiful Instagram account. Bits are edgy, bits are soft, lots of it is connected with real home life. This is a fabulous account for mums refusing to be mumsy.

Kat Farmer - @doesmybumlook40

Lovers of comedy and fashion look no further, this is the account for you. There's so much refreshing realism in this account you'll get summer fashion inspiration but you'll get it in a way that you do when your best friend turns up looking gorgeous and starts to tell you a joke whilst you eye up her outfit. 

The Gretest – @thegretest_shop

And of course, it goes without saying, that you should follow our own Instagram account – but we’ll say it anyway! We post colourful images of some of our latest designs to brighten-up your feed, as well as design-inspiration taken from around the world. Check it out

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