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How to wear a statement T-shirt

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Posted on October 31 2017

Statement T-shirts and graphic tees flooded the catwalks this summer, and the trend is staying strong into fall/winter 2017. Whether you dress it up or tone it down, statement t-shirts are an easy fashion fix and a great way to find the perfect statement to match your mood. So, aside from the basic jeans and T-shirt combo, how do you wear a statement tee without looking like a fashion victim? 


Before you start quoting Napoleon Dynamite lines at me, hear me out! Tucked-in t-shirts are a big fashion trend right now – for men and women. Tucked-in to skinny jeans, tucked-in to chinos, tucked-in to maxi skirts – it’s a simple way to make an average outfit look instantly stylish. Don’t go all Simon Cowell on me though, let’s keep that waist line below your armpits. 

how to wear a statement t-shirt tucked in

Contrasting belts

A tucked-in tee is the perfect opportunity to show off a contrasting belt. A thin, bright colored belt looks great with a t-shirt tucked into jeans. 

how to wear a statement t-shirt with contrasting belt

Glammed-up statement t-shirts

Glamming-up a statement t-shirt is easy for the ladies, just accessorize with bold jewellery and a pair of heels. Chunky necklaces that sit close to the neckline of your t-shirt look great. For the guys, try wearing your t-shirt under a blazer or suit. Tight fitting v neck t-shirts risk making you look like you’re part of a boy band. That’s great if that’s the look you’re going for, but if you’re not, try a looser fit. 

how to wear a statement t-shirt with a blazer

Add some Leather

Hard-core fashionistas might be happy to brave the elements with bare arms as we move into colder weather. But many of us aren’t prepared to sacrifice personal comfort in the name of style. Take your statement t-shirt into fall/winter by adding a leather jacket. A black and white statement tee paired with grey or black skinny jeans is a timeless fashion win that never fails to look cool. If you can throw some faux fur or shearling into the mix as well, you’ll be bang on trend this season. 

how to wear a statement t-shirt with leather jacket

Make a statement

Well, what else could be the purpose of a statement t-shirt!? It’s a great way to speak your mind without even opening your mouth. Got something important to say? Want to make a political statement? Don’t be afraid to have conviction and blazen it across your t-shirt. Or maybe you just want to say something about your personality or crack a joke. Don’t be shy! It’s like a walking Instagram caption.

let it be yellow statement t-shirt

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