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How to Style Geometric Throw Pillows

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Posted on December 18 2017

Image of home interiors with a geometric cushion on a chair

Whatever your design style, geometrics can be creatively incorporated into your home design scheme. It is a trend that has stood the test of time, finding its roots in Ancient Greece and Morocco. If your home boasts an art-deco style or if you just want to keep your home up to date with a geometric twist, we can help you with the simple addition of geometric throw pillows.

The beauty of a geometric throw pillow

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to incorporate this season’s geometric trend into your home. Here are some reasons why you should style your home with geometric throw pillows:

  • They permit an exploration of design through linear patterns - chevrons and zigzags are particularly au courant.
  • They are visually impactful, add structure, and in some cases, a masculine tone to a room.
  • They provide an easy win for adding splashes of bold, bright colours to your interiors.
  • It is easy to colour match other accessories to geometric throw pillows, as they are small enough to not take over the decor of an entire room.

How to style geometric throw pillows?

The question is, how do you style these pillows so they don't end up looking like an impulse buy or a random attempt at 'doing something a bit different'. Any new pattern in a room can look out of place if it isn't thought through properly. To help you enjoy geometric pillows in your home without them looking out of place, follow these simple tips:

Try & Match The Size Of The Pattern

geometric cushion with lime green, gray and white colors

Large geometric patterns and small geometric patterns, when placed together, can look a bit chaotic and messy. Consider choosing similar sized geometric patterns throughout one room for a coherent look. For example, the pattern on this Lime decorative throw pillow (shown in image above) is quite small, so consider using similar-sized designs in the same room. Likewise, this beautiful blue Blocks Colors pillow uses large squares which should be replicated elsewhere.

Pick Out A Matching Color

If your throw pillows comprise multiple colors, think about choosing one of the colours to explore in other mediums for example with prints, fabrics or ornaments.

Place With Block Color Pillows

The block colour trend is in fashion this winter. The agenda has been set for bold, bright colour separates. Two colour blocks per theme or design is doable, three, is making a big statement and four is probably a step too far. Pair your geometric throw pillows with some block color pillows and create a modern design for your interiors. This Happy Colors Geometric throw pillow would work well with block color pink or orange throw pillows.

geometric throw pillow with orange, pink and red colours

Try And Echo The Shapes Elsewhere In The Room

Geometric patterns are everywhere at the moment but you don't have to copy the exact pattern on your pillow elsewhere in the room. The focus should be on adding shapes and angles so that a geometric theme is present, not necessarily a specific pattern. For example: this Multicolor pillow uses multiple shapes, and your room can be the same. Cube candles, an oval lamp base, geometric tile mug mats - adding angles and shapes to your room can be creative, there is no set rule.

multicolor geometric throw pillow

Unwritten Rules

Stick to the rules of arranging throw pillows regardless of the pattern of the pillows you are using. Stick to odd numbers and try to get the size of pillow right for your couch etc. These rules will apply regardless of the geometric pattern you are using so, it is important to stick with them for a well balanced room.

Using geometric throw pillows is a great way of exploring how geometry can fit into your interior design scheme. Use bright colours and sharp lines with confidence, stick to the basic rules and above all, have fun making your mark on your home with this versatile trend.



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