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How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug

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Posted on October 03 2017

how to choose area rug for living space

Choosing the perfect area rug can make or break an interior design scheme. The right rug will not only look great, it'll also be practical. After all, homes are for living in, not just for looking at. Whether you have a polished cork floor, stone floor tiles, a wooden floor, or laminate, an area rug should make a room feel more comfortable, act as an aesthetic centrepiece, and offer floor protection for high traffic parts of your home.

The only problem with an area rug is choosing which one is right for the room you intend to put it in. After all, despite its many practical benefits, it does serve a strong visual purpose and so, the size, style, colour and material all matter greatly. If you're planning on investing in a beautiful area rug and don't know how to choose a rug, follow these top tips:

How to Choose The Right Size Area Rug

The size of an area rug can have a huge impact on the appearance of a room. Too small a rug will make your room appear smaller, and at risk of feeling a bit bare.

The general rule is to ensure your area rug is a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall.

Think of your rug as an anchor for the furniture. In the living room the front two legs of the furniture or the very front portion of the furniture should be on the rug which defines the social area of the room. If the rug is in a bedroom the bed should be on it and the rug extending a couple of feet around it.

how to choose area rug for lounge

Less is more in transitional spaces like doorways, halls and stairways. The width of the rug should match the door space or be a few inches less. Keep any furniture in hallways off the rug to avoid making a narrow space feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

The only time these rules don't apply is if the rug features like a piece of art and you need to see the whole pattern, like with this beautiful vintage giraffe rug.

Don't Be Afraid To Choose Two Rugs

Remember that there doesn't have to be one area rug to rule the roost, you can have two rugs. 

In larger rooms you can use two rugs to create separate living spaces.

Overlapping rugs generally doesn't work well at all, but one larger neutral rug with a brighter feature rug on top can look very nice. Layers and textures are a big look this season. Try using neutral shades with varying textures to create a cosy, warming feel to a room.

Design your room around your perfect area rug

how to choose area rug for neutral lounge

Many designers advise to choose your rug first and to design the rest of the room based on the colors and patterns featured in that rug. So, if you're completely redecorating a room, find a rug you love and build a gorgeous room around it.

If you really do want to wait for the perfect rug, pop something down that is the right size, but neutral so you have a rough idea of where it will go, and in your mind you know the colour or pattern you want.  

Use Area Rugs To Make a Design Statement

In a home where the walls match the flooring, match the couch, match the everything else, the decor is bland, bland, bland. Don't be afraid of contrast and bold colours that will create a piece of standalone floor art.

This red floral rug is a great example of a beautiful bold rug that anchors the room. Or if you're afraid of an entirely color filled rug, then this lines rug brings bold colours in on a soft, beautiful neutral canvas.

buy red area rug

Keep It Safe

Whatever you do, make sure you buy a rug pad to keep your rug in place. It isn't a good idea to have a gorgeous rug that puts everyone who steps on it at risk. The Gretest's area rugs are all backed with non-slip rubber, so there's no need to buy an extra non-skid mat.

Choose High Quality Area Rugs

Rugs can be expensive but, they really are worth the extra money if the quality reflects in the price. The colour, the feel, the weave should all be durable and able to withstand more wear and tear than a carpet because you're likely to use the rug for longer, and the rug will likely be more patterned and bright than a carpet you would choose so needs to be resilient to light, stains and other wear and tear.

Choosing the perfect area rug is not always easy but it is worth taking the time to get it right. Remember to choose the rug first to base the rest of the room around it, and to make sure above all else you choose the right size for the room.



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