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How To Accessorize An A-Line Dress

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Posted on July 11 2017

Knowing how to accessorize an A-line Dress well is the difference between looking like a million dollars and looking like a crumpled-up fiver.

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for a party or a date, you would have to try really hard to get an A line dress wrong. They suit pretty much every figure and there will be a pattern or colour to suit any skin tone and style. But accessorizing an A-line dress well can really make you stand-out from the crowd... 

Follow these 7 simple tips to help you accessorize your A-line dress like a pro:

1. Choose Your Heel Height Wisely

If you want your dress to look shorter, wear high heels. If you want it to look slightly more modest or laid-back, a smaller heel or flat shoes will work better.

2. Dress It Down Or Up, The Choice Is Yours

Because they’re so beautifully fitted, it’s easy to dress-up an A-line dress or go for a more casual look depending on the occasion. Our Brooklyn A-line dress would look amazing with some bright yellow Converse and leggings in the day, or with some gold heels, bright lipstick and big hair of an evening.

3. Opt For Accessories That Flatter Your Colouring

The great thing about A-line dresses is that they leave room for accessorizing in ways that fitted dresses don't.

You can wear heavy jewelry without having to worry too much about being off balance. You don't have to go Mr T of course, but you can wear a big statement tribal piece, or long layered necklaces if you want to. Bangles and loose bracelets also look beautiful with A-line dresses.

In all cases, opt for jewelry that flatters your colouring, because the dress will carry most jewelry types for you.

4. You Can Accessorize an A-line Dress With Leggings If You Want

The beauty of an A line dress is that it won't look strange with leggings. Our mod dress for example, looks awesome with a pair of black leggings. You can stay warm or covered-up so comfort meets style with the overall look.

5. Experiment With Hairstyles

A-line dresses are flattering whatever, and can carry most hairstyles. Do be aware that with no décolletage showing, hair down may cut off your neck, whereas hair up could elongate the neck bringing you plenty of length and elegance.

6. What Hats & Bags to wear with an A-line dress

Huge oversized bags like our big weekender bag look fabulous with an A-line dress, particularly as part of a day look. With an evening look, a long thin-strapped smaller handbag looks better.

Hats are also another great accessory to play around with when you wear an A-line. Big floppy hats like this beach hat from Odabash look playful and fun, whereas a trilby is more festival chic. This is certainly an area you can be more creative with when it comes to accessorizing your A line dress.

7. Wear it with confidence!

Hopefully you're feeling excited to wear your A line dress and accessorize the life out of it! Have fun, and be creative and dare to be unique. Tips and tricks help but confidence is always the most chic accessory anyone can have!



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