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The Gretest: Modern Home Decor Designs From A Passionate Mind

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Posted on August 22 2017

Grete Garrido modern home decor designer

When you bring The Gretest's modern designs into your home, you do so for many reasons. To spruce-up certain areas with splashes of colour. To bring extra comfort to living areas. To bring life and imagination into the rooms of your children. To give yourself a visual breath of fresh air in a space that has become dull and boring.

And to designer Grete, the beautiful brains behind the company, it is an honour to be chosen by you, to decorate, liven up, and furnish your home with her unique modern home decor creations. 

Grete has certainly seen an incredible amount of success since she started designing a decade and a half ago, having been featured by the likes of Elle Decor, PopSugar, El Pais Semanal, Huffington Post, Shop Til You Drop, Mi Casa and Revista Mia. So what's got everyone talking about Grete's designs?

From A Dislike of The Daily Grind, To Designs From A Passionate Mind

As the world of design tumbles over and over through the same seasons, and trends, without any real exciting breakouts it seems we've reached a modern era of style where every season is indistinguishable from the last. Fashion these days is far from the strong and memorable design eras of the past, like the monochrome style of the 60's, the bold prints yellows and browns of the 70's, the loud pastels of the 80's.  The world has gone a bit 'beige'. Which is exactly where Grete comes in and brings a breath of fresh air to your bubble, to your own private space at home.

The Gretest has been created to supply people who want to bin the beige, and protest against the whitewashed rules of modern design. It's for those who know they deserve a home that is special, unique and exciting to live in.

So Why Does Grete Care So Much About Your Home Design?

Grete has a deeply ingrained belief that where you choose to live, defines who you are. The items and colours, patterns and textures you choose to surround yourself with have such a profound effect on how you feel, the energy you have and the energy your home has.

Your home can say that you're settling for a standard life, that you're 'OK' with it, that you live day to day as you have to. OR it can say that you're excited about life, that you're grabbing life and all it has to offer; that your family is unique, close and full of positive energy. The Gretest Designs are made to be a direct reaction to life, and a direct reflection of the bright and beautiful energy each and every home deserves.

Are The Gretest Designs Truly Unique?

The passion driving the company comes from wanting to provide you with products that you will not see anywhere else. Products that ensure you will never have that 'you've got the same cushions as me' moment when visiting a friend, or a neighbour. There's no mass production, no copying of mainstream designs. In Grete's own words: 

"they come from a curious & passionate mind just to make your life easier & beautiful."


Grete Garrido with modern home decor fabrics

The designs have grown from passion and creativity but also from a real need. A need which Grete identified after many years of designing for large corporations as well as for many different types of people and their homes. From busy parents wanting to maintain style and character in a family home, to millennials trying to find their very own 'decor personality' in their very first apartment, Grete repeatedly came across a desire for unique modern design.

People wanted home decor to showcase the true myriad of shapes, colours and textures they desired and to reflect their unique emotions, feelings, personality and lifestyle. The current market just doesn't cater for the more vibrant of homeowners, which is where Grete's designs come in.

A lifelong love of design

Grete had a desire to design from an early age:

"I was attracted to visual arts since I was a kid, my father makes awesome photos and in my family, cinema, arts, literature... was something that always surrounded us. That makes me start drawing or taking photos very soon.

When I grew up, I realized I like to express myself through graphic design and photography."

So when you buy The Gretest products you're buying designs inspired by a whole lifetime of experience, and a lifelong love for expression through creativity.  

The Inspiration behind Grete's designs

These days inspiration for Grete's designs come from everything and anything: art exhibitions, a person walking by, or a movie can all be the seed for a new creation. Inspiration can be found anywhere and at any time; it is completely fluid.

The design process, although based on a Mac, involves a lot of experimentation. And when the ideas flow, Grete allows them to do so, without obstruction.

"Sometimes I just start with nothing particular on my mind... I start playing with shapes and colors until I find an idea I really like. Most times I see something on a magazine, an exhibition, an art book, and I start working from that idea that I found interesting.

I usually work fast and with no schedule,  the inspiration can come at any time and I don't let it pass me by"

Kill Mondays

At the very beginning, Grete's original design process actually came from a period of employment which didn't quite fit. Grete worked in various companies as a designer, finding the office environment at odds with her expression of creativity. The 9-5 lifestyle was monotonous and working to a timetable became prohibitive.

Grete working on modern home decor design at her Mac with Kill Mondays mousemat

Her frustration was channeled into her "Kill Mondays" design, which she decided to print onto a T-shirt.

This, Grete says was the birth of The Gretest:

"From that moment I started to think about how to create a company of my own where I can be myself and design what I would like to see in my own home."

The rest is history...

Soon after, Grete began an online shop to put her designs out there and experience the sheer buzz and excitement of getting a reaction to the items she designed.

The Gretest quickly grew and soon migrated to its own website. Ever since, we've enjoyed being part of a growing community of people who have a passion for modern home decor, unique designs and vibrant creativity.

Grete continues to design new prints and we're constantly expanding our collection. We've loved getting feedback from our customers and are always excited to see how you've used Grete's designs.



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