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Geometric Home Decor: style inspiration for your home

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Posted on March 24 2020

geometric decor

Do you want to freshen up and energize your home's decor for 2020? Then why not experiment with the ever popular geometric home decor trend this Spring and be inspired by The Gretest fabulous range of unique contemporary pieces, which suit all budgets and styles.

Geometric shapes and bold patterns have been used in interiors for many years but there is just no denying the depth and drama that they add when used well around the home whether on walls, upholstery or in beautiful accessories.

This trend is all about balancing colors and patterns to add a modern and fun vibe to home interiors. So what is the secret to making geometric home decor look contemporary and stylish in your home? Look no further for some style inspiration for the new year!

Balance your color scheme

The golden rule when picking the perfect geometric pattern for your interior is to consider your existing color scheme and pick a pattern that compliments and enhances that room. You are looking for something that adds instant visual interest, so choose carefully the number of colors you use or a room may start to feel cluttered.

Colorful geometric patterns are ideal for energizing neutral living spaces. A plain couch can, for example, be brightened with an injection of color from a cheerful set of geometric throw pillows such as these color stripes decorative throw pillows.

geometric striped pillow


Pick out the right pattern

Secondly you need to consider the size of the pattern and find something that is not so large it overwhelms the size of the space or is so small that it is barely noticeable.

Patterns can easily be overwhelming if overused so take time to find a piece that enhances but doesn't dominate the space. Design elements can be easily lost in a crowded room. Successful geometric home decor is all about providing a room with a feature, which brings visual balance.

Decide how to use the pattern

Thirdly, decide early on which design features of the room you want to choose for your patterned pieces. Wall decor and accent elements such as patterned throw pillows are very popular and you can completely change the look and feel of a room by adding these playful pops of color.

If you want to make more of a statement, you could also think about geometric patterns over larger spaces in your home such as this multi color dot rug. A rug can modernize your floors and change the feel of a room in an instant without breaking the bank.

geometric print dot rug

Most importantly take time to choose a pattern that you love. Geometric Home Decor not only energizes homes but also the people within. It is a fabulously uplifting trend that brings joy and an element of fun to even the most neutral of spaces.

Home interiors impact enormously on our happiness and this has greatly inspired Grete's designs over the years. However you decide to style your home in the new year, enjoy creating your own colorful and fun sense of style and if you decide to embrace the geometric home decor trend don't forget to share your interior design success stories by signing up and joining The Gretest tribe below!

Happy Spring!



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