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Designer Pillows That Will Transform Your Couch

Grete garrido

Posted on October 22 2020

Add a splash of color and style to your living room with designer pillows that will transform the space. Explore our extensive selection of designer pillows.

Coming up with the perfect living room design is a little harder than it looks. Sure, you may have an amazing couch picked out and a cute rug already in place, but how are you going to piece everything together?

Designer Pillows

Every design element matters, regardless of how minor or major of a detail it is. Take the couch pillows for example. Some people just use whatever pillows come with the couch.

Others see this as a great interior design opportunity! Here are five different kinds of categories for designer pillows to add to your living room setup.

1. Simple and Chic

Most couches come with pillows that serve as backrests or simple accents. But, from an interior design perspective, these are just the canvas for the other throw pillows for the couch you should purchase.

Getting more pillows doesn't mean you have to stray too far from the look of your couch, though. If you prefer to keep things neutral, buy one or two extra pillows in a similar shade to the color of the couch. Don't get the exact same tone, try something a little out of your comfort zone and discover the difference it makes.

2. Bold and Beautiful

Maybe instead of being unsure about adding more pillows, you're worried about ending up with a look that comes off as boring. Keep this fear at bay with bold designer pillows.

These are fun, eclectic designs that are sure to get attention the moment people enter the living room. You can choose from stripes and polka dots to embroidered patches or something entirely unique. There's no limit to the various kinds of designer pillows for sofa sets available!

3. Mixed and Matched Styles

To create a bit of balance, buy a few simple pillows and a few bold ones, too. This allows you to establish the ultimate level of comfort without visually going over the top.

Such an amount of pillows means everyone who sits on the sofa can lean back or curl up with a pillow whichever way they want. Then, when they get up and set the pillows down, a lovely sofa setup remains.

4. Fun Patterns

While you're shopping, keep an eye out for patterns you may have never seen before. These may be anything from geometric pillow patterns to pillows with fun sayings or seemingly hand-drawn doodles.

Anything goes when it comes to design. The right designer pillows for you are just a matter of personal preference and whatever else you have going on in the living room.

5. Cute Accents

Another thing to keep in mind is the various sizes of pillows you plan to buy. Not all of them have to be the exact same. Get one or two smaller pillows to use as accents, and maybe even a big one for kids to share or one person to relax on.

It's all about the ambiance you want to create and the level of comfort you'd like to make available for everyone in the home and all the guests you invite over. The more pillows a sofa has, typically the more comfortable everyone is and the better the whole room looks

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