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Design Trend: Midnight Blue

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Posted on December 14 2017

Design Trend: Midnight Blue

image showing midnight blue wall with various colourful, decorative accessories/ plant pots

One of the most exciting aspects of interior design is exploring the changing trends. They bring fresh new textures, patterns, colors and ideas. For anyone who loves the creativity of interior design and keeping their home up to date with the latest in decor fashion, these trends provide up-to-date concepts to embrace in a myriad of settings. This season we've seen a sultry, rich and cozy shade sweep in: midnight blue.

Midnight blue in your home

Midnight blue is a bold and beautiful color for the Autumn/ Winter home, adding a depth and mood to your home decor. It works exceptionally well in many different applications and rooms. Kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms - it is a shade you can enjoy anywhere in the home.

If you want to have the most fashionable home around, find a way to work midnight blue into your decor. Fortunately, the shade is so versatile, you can incorporate it easily into any setting.

Living area

In living areas, consider going all out with fabrics and soft furnishings to make it feel super cozy. Midnight blue is a rich shade, so thick knits made from midnight blue yarn, or heavy velvet throws draped over a neutral shade couch or armchair would look luxurious. Why not add in midnight blue pillows or even some patterned cushions for an altogether sumptuous and playful visual impact. 

The Cool Dog decorative pillow  or the Blue and Gray decorative pillow work really well in this kind of application. Add some brass accessories and you've created a modern, textured contrast.

image showing teal coloured cushion with a print of a yellow dog


Kitchen/ Bathroom

In a less furnished area such as the kitchen or the bathroom, there are different options to incorporate midnight blue into your decor. For a high visual impact, why not add some counter-top storage containers in midnight blue. Pair them with a set of lighter colored containers and you have an attractive color contrast on your work-top.

Towels and mats can look great in midnight blue, particularly set against a bright white bathroom suite. You could even use a feature shower curtain like this Mountains shower curtain to add a base for the color in the rest of the room. Wall art is another great way to include the color into your home. Why not add a personal touch by displaying a photo you have taken yourself or a piece of art you have created?


Midnight blue is a wonderfully versatile shade to explore in room that is intended for relaxing and unwinding. Its deep, rich shade is comforting and calming. Gorgeous, silky bedspreads in midnight blue would look divine, especially set against lighter colors like grey or this season's mustard yellow. A rug like this Vintage Tigers rug which adds a sense of playfulness and fun to the aesthetics, whilst adding splashes of your feature color, could work especially well in a bedroom that boasts a wooden floor.

Your home will be the most sumptuous, opulent space to enjoy with your family and guests, as you embrace the most beautiful, on-trend color this season: midnight blue.



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