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Make Your Table Stand Out With The Most Colorful Table Settings This Fall

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Posted on November 14 2017

colorful table settings for fall

Fall is well and truly underway, and there's nothing more delicious to the senses than a crisp burnt orange leaf under foot on a frosty morning is there? Being outdoors at this time of year is truly a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. There are though, plenty of reasons for staying indoors. When it's blustery, cold and frosty outside, pretty much any event inside is guaranteed to be cosy. Friday night card games with the family, lunch and hot coffee with friends, Saturday evening dinner parties - the list is endless. With that in mind, it makes sense that you want your home to look beautiful so you're ready for all of the wonderful memories you're due to make.

The dinner table is one place you'll be enjoying a lot with friends and family this fall, serving up all that hot comfort food whilst you share stories and talk about the day's events. Fall brings a lot of opportunity for beautiful table settings, because the colors and the themes are just so beautiful already, there's so much inspiration to be had. To ensure your guests 'fall' in love with your table settings this season, take a look at these amazing colorful table decoration ideas:

Colorful Table Setting Ideas:


Fall is prime mushroom picking season and mushrooms work well as a lovely whimsical theme for your table decorations. Opt for mushroom prints or delicate wooden mushrooms combined with leaves and twigs for a beautiful fairytale-esque display.

Squash & Leaves

There are plenty of places you can buy different colors and varieties of squash. The more unique and ugly, the more interesting for the table aesthetic. Place along the centre of a long table or in the middle of a round table along with scattered (clean) leaves from outside. Consider using a small unique squash with a metal photo holder stuck in it as a fun and unique seating plan idea.

Golden Embers

Home Edit have a lovely idea of using golden embers as a theme for table settings. Simply use ember orange as your theme with plates, accessories and glasses and of course colorful placemats. The look is seasonal but warm.

Fruit & Florals

Elle Decor presented a gorgeous fruit and florals style table setting in a recent inspiration article about fall centrepieces. Grab some chunky oranges, physalis and bright and beautiful red, orange or yellow dahlias and place them in a dish of your choice. Use a few of each element in each table setting amongst glasses and cutlery to ensure the theme works across the entire table.

Lively Prints

tomatoes colorful table cloth

Why worry about what is on the colorful tablecloth or colorful placemat when the tablecloth and placemat themselves provide a feast for the eyes? These tomatoes tablecloth and placemat table accessories are the perfect way to add a bit of fall fun to your table.

Blue & Orange

You will see blue and orange as a key fall color trend this year with many colorful table settings including this lively and unique color combination. To be completely on trend you could include orange and blue flowers in your table display, or you could opt for a modern Scandinavian Design Tablecloth, which includes all the right colors in one easy to present colorful tablecloth.


Golden barley in the fields along with bright yellow sunflowers and poppies all make for a stunning harvest type theme which looks absolutely beautiful as a table setting. Cutlery can be tied with rustic string and a sprig of corn with a sunflower and perhaps a little tag with the person's name on it. This type of theme works well in a natural setting, amongst chunky wooden furniture and neutral tones.

Clean & Simple

colorful table setting ideas in gold and white

If you like your table settings to be modern, opt for simple silver or gold table settings perhaps with some simple modern centrepieces like tall vases filled with dried fruits and twigs, or a couple of fall color themed floral displays. Alternatively there is nothing wrong with going all white with your display, just be sure to include white squash or white fall themed items so that you're still seasonal within your chosen simplicity.


candle table settings for fall

Candles are a great theme to follow on your table if you want ambience and beautiful table settings. Opt for large, chunky and well supported candles in the centre of your table, like those in this easy DIY fall centrepiece How To video. For individual colorful table settings, choose tealights in colored glass jars.

Family Inspired Colorful Placemats

It could be worth creating a table set up entirely from the ideas and creativity of your family. Why not have everybody choose their own tablemat. These Tiger Placemats are fun and quirky for kids. Then perhaps work on the fall centrepiece together. Maybe everybody can go out on a walk and collect fall 'treasure' like acorns, leaves and twigs and you can all make a centrepiece together. Maybe trips around goodwill stores could bring you even more fun and low cost items to piece together for your decorations, and perhaps everyone can pick their own cute fall glass and cutlery for their own table setting.


Corn has an autumnal feel to it as cornfields are often harvested in autumn just after Halloween. Why not grab some corn on the cob and spray it different colors like silver, gold or even metallic red or copper as seen in this Country & Living Fall Inspiration article. Then tie them around a vase with rustic string and fill the vase with seasonally colored flowers. Each colorful table setting could include sprayed corn complete with name tag.

Pumpkin & Ivy

Pumpkins tower above squash in the fall decoration preference because they are iconic for this time of year. Hollow them out and use them as vases, or with smaller ones, pin plastic bags inside, or line with foil and use to hold cutlery. If you were feeling super artistic you could carve the initial or initials of the people due to attend into a little pumpkin and use as a cute seat planning tool. To contrast with the pumpkins, use scattered ivy to add a beautiful rustic and natural effect. Ivy is also very easy to use in table settings because it wraps around everything well.

Be Creative!

Hopefully you are feeling inspired and excited by the incredible colors and textures around at this time of year enabling you to make the most beautiful table settings and displays. Remember, the more creative you are, the more of your personality will come through and after all, it is you that people are coming to see. 



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