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How To: Colorful Scandinavian Decor

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Posted on September 19 2017

colorful scandinavian decor

Find out how to add a pop of color to your minimalist interior design as we take a look at ways to incorporate colorful Scandinavian Decor into your home.

There has always been room for Scandi decor in various applications, and interior design trends of recent years have leant towards a minimalist Scandinavian look, as seen on this vegan blog site. The trend is clean and welcoming, with vibrancy coming from the prints, and of course lots of plants in pretty, but muted plant pots. Color schemes are neutral, never shifting far from bright white or pale natural tones of beige and grey.

rules of scandinavian decor

However, Scandi design trends are due for a bit of a shake-up this season, with a shift towards more colorful Scandinavian decor that embraces bold colors as well as muted pastels. 

But before we take a look at how to incorporate color into Scandinavian interior design, let's take a look at the key inspirations of Scandinavian decor:

  • Neutral - The decor style is always neutral and very pale blue is extremely unique to Scandinavian decor.
  • Wooden floors - You won't see carpet much with Scandinavian decor. Wooden floors that are natural, or painted white are a base component of the look.
  • Light - The look involves letting all the light in. Large windows, ceiling windows and any other way to get the light in.
  • Nature - Whether it is a piece of furniture with exposed raw wood grain, or the many plants that adorn the various surfaces, Scandinavian decor is all about letting nature in and being inspired by all nature has to offer.
  • Spa - Any sort of spa theme in your home, whether that is a hot tub, sauna or a more luxurious bathroom area, is part of this type of decor.
  • Function - There aren't really decorative items in Scandinavian decor, everything has a purpose and a function.
  • Craftsmanship - With this type of decor you can expect clean lines and never anything obviously ornate. You can also expect true craftsmanship.
  • Fireplaces - A fireplace is a really important part of Scandinavian decor because it provides warmth, a focal point and an area for understated ornamentation or decoration with a practical twist, IE a stack of logs.
  • Eco-friendliness - With the trend being so deeply intertwined with nature, it makes sense that eco-friendliness would be part of the trend.

Scandinavian Decor & Light

To understand how the theme works you have to understand how Scandi decor has evolved. Scandinavian homes are built to let in as much light as possible. Nearly 2,000 hours of sunshine a year are enjoyed in the most sunny Scandinavian areas but that is nearly a third less than many countries, which means they miss out on light. So it makes sense that their homes are designed to maximise brightness and to embrace as much natural light as possible.

light and modern scandi decor

Where Does Colorful Scanadinavian Decor Fit In?

With these key themes of Scandinavian decor in mind, and acknowledging the very strong theme of muted neutrals, where exactly does color fit in?

On a basic 'design rule' note, where there are neutrals, there is room for a bold colour. Neutrals set the stage and allow space for bright pops of colour and exciting patterns and prints. With this in mind, it makes sense that Scandinavian decor doesn't simply need to be merged with brights. It is the perfect trend to welcome brights in as a beautiful part of the style. So if you do love the Scandinavian style and you love brights go ahead and merge the two styles. Or if you've always preferred vibrant decor and so Scandinavian design has never interested you, now is the time to make the trend your own.

There is a change in Scandinavian design at the moment and bold colors are definitely a thing. If you look back in history, the trend has always had cycles of colour and pattern in different shapes and forms so it was only a matter of time before it was set to change again and embrace color in a different way.

At the moment, there are various colors finding their way into Scandinavian decor. This may well be because designers are presenting a more realist approach to the very bones of the trend. It is influenced by nature and yet, the whitewashed look doesn't even give so much as a nod to the various fauna and flora at different times of the year. It doesn't take in the various rich landscapes and natural scenery at all. Colorful Scandinavian decor is able to fully enhance the trend, whilst remaining true to the rules, influences and references of the original style.

If you would like to embrace colorful Scandinavian decor in your own way, here are some useful tips to help you get started:

Start Gently

If bold colours scare you, then stick to pastels and muted tones that are still very much within Scandinavian decor, just include more of them. Dusky pink is a gorgeous feminine colour to start with and very easy to incorporate with neutrals.

pink scandinavian decor


Accessories like bright pillows, coloured glass or colourful books are a great start to including bold colours in your colorful Scandinavian style home.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns appear everywhere, from tiles to full art pieces, this season. The trend lends itself to colorful Scandinavian decor, especially when colour blocking, because it keeps the colour inclusion clean and strong, but also contained. This Scandinavian design decorative throw pillow is a perfect example of how geometric patterns can work in a Scandinavian decor setting.

colorful scandinavian decor pillow

Be Blue

Blue is probably the most adored accent colour within colourful Scandinavian decor, so why not go a bit bolder with it? Using it as your base colour amongst your woods and metal objects and surfaces, means you can move through the whole spectrum, creating a multi-tonal look that isn't harsh at all and that compliments the Scandi style you're harnessing.


Feathers are all over the place this year within the Scandinavian decor trend. The motif can be presented in literally any form, which means that you can of course present it in a bold colour of your choice. Yellow feather print looks beautiful with the grey that is flooding everywhere this year.

colorful scandinavian decor with feather print wallpaper


There's no reason art can't be colourful in a Scandi design interior. Obviously there is no room for anything supremely whimsical, the art would need to be strong to fit the brief. DIY is a big part of this trend so, why not have a go at your own art and slot it into your decor for a personalised touch?

Pink & Orange

Pink and orange are all over the place within colorful Scandinavian decor, and you can embrace it in a big way by using it for walls and for couches, or you can gently ease in with pretty pillows, like this pink and orange throw pillow, or this super cute Prehistoric Art pillow.

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