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Awesome Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

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Posted on November 28 2017

Men are well known for being difficult to buy for. Unless you know a man really well, it can be tricky to think of unique gift ideas. Even then, gift ideas can be a real struggle and many people draw a blank when writing Christmas gift lists for the men in their life.

All of that is about to change. Here is this years out of the box, super-interesting, extra-exciting holiday gift ideas for him:

A Man's Den

Stormtrooper carpet for the star wars fan

One of the latest trends in interior design this year has been to create a 'sanctuary'. This involves putting things like pillows, blankets, books and other comforting accessories, all in one place. The problem is that this doesn't necessarily suit all men. But, you could get around this by creating a special version of the sanctuary trend just for him - a 'manctuary' if you will.

Choose a room you have spare, or a corner of a room that could be transformed for his private use and go wild. Pop down this awesome Stormtrooper Rug, a TV or laptop stand, maybe a fridge, a gadget box or shelf, and maybe some unique art. Utilise whatever space you have to make his very own little den to retire to.


If he has everything he could ever want, why not arrange for him to experience some amazing things next year? Give him the gift that keeps on giving: a weekend away with his best friend, tickets to see a gig, festival tickets - anything that ensures him creating some amazing memories next year. Sometimes, physical items just aren't for everyone.

A Magazine or Gift Subscription Box

There are endless subscription boxes available these days, and some very cool ones which are ideal Christmas gifts for men. This is something he can enjoy for up to half or even all of next year, and look forward to on a monthly basis.

You can get subscription boxes for gadgets, socks, comic books, food, beer, razors... even tea and coffee! Have a browse and you'll definitely find him the perfect box to suit his taste.

A Quirky T-Shirt

Beetles t-shirt

Men don't really have as much of an easy time finding good clothes as women, do they? They tend to have fewer items to choose from for self-expression, which really isn't great if the man in your life likes to express himself through the way he dresses.

Coming up with gift ideas for him just became that bit more exciting though, because The Gretest has a great selection of unique t-shirts to suit the more individualistic man. The Beetles and Juggling Crab t-shirts are some of our personal favourites.

Some Style For His Digs


Mountain shower curtain

He may live with you, but if he is a relative, friend, colleague or more of a 'you're just not there yet', he will have his own space where he styles himself in the mornings.

To help him enjoy his living space a bit more, making it just that bit more presonal, why not buy him something cool like a Stormtrooper duvet cover or a stunning Mountains shower curtain? Or, maybe he likes to entertain, in which case a unique tablecloth would be ideal! Have some fun with your shopping, and get him something truly unique and quirky that he won't have seen before. 



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