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5 Ways to Arrange Your Modern Art Prints

Grete garrido

Posted on January 31 2020

Adding fresh wall decor to your interior design is a great way to breathe new life into your living space. Here are five ways to arrange your modern art prints to make your room pop!

What is a home without art?

Art makes life interesting, so it only makes sense that we would want to fill our homes with it. Adding art prints to your decor makes your house look more like home while adding a touch of personal flair to the surroundings.

And while it can be easy to find pieces of art that fit your style, displaying those pieces can present some challenges.

Don't know how to go about hanging your favorite pieces?

Here are five super stylish ways to display all your favorite modern art prints.

1. Linear

It may sound a little boring, but one of the best ways to display your favorite modern art pieces is museum-style -- in a straight line.

Not only will a straight line look the neatest, this method will also ensure that each piece gets the attention it deserves.

Make sure the tops of the frames are all aligned, and that each piece is evenly spaced out then you're good to go.

While this method can work with an array of print sizes, it has the most impact if each print is the same shape and size or are at least in equal-sized frames.

2. Cluster

If you have several modern art prints of varying sizes, you may want to consider displaying them in a cluster.

A clustered display gives you a little more freedom than a linear pattern while still maintaining balance.

The best print clusters will loosely conform to a shape, with the pieces arranged within those confines to maintain some form of symmetry.

But if you have enough prints, you may want to consider thinking bigger -- by arranging your art in a salon-style cluster.

A salon-style cluster uses the entire expanse of your wall as the conforming shape. Hang your pieces tightly together from floor to ceiling to achieve this classic but striking look.

3. Grid

If a cluster is too chaotic for you and a straight line doesn't offer enough space, you can always hang your prints in a neat and orderly grid.

A grid, like the linear system, works best if every piece is the same size and shape, or at least displayed in frames that are all the same size.

4. Singles

While having a large group of prints may seem like fun, having several pieces all in the same place may distract from a particular work.

If you own a modern print you like more than the rest, hang it all on its own.

Find an empty wall and hang your favorite piece right in the center. To take this design bit further, make that print the focal point of the room.

Frame it with furniture and use its colors as accents throughout the space.

5. On the Floor

For extra large prints, you may be able to leave the hammer and nails in your toolkit.

If you're a fan of the bohemian style leave large prints on the floor and lean them up against the wall. This method takes art prints and changes from wall decor to furniture.

It's a great way to make a statement using your favorite print, while also saving your walls from unnecessary punctures.

Displaying Your Modern Art Prints

When it comes to displaying their modern art prints many people end up feeling a bit unsure of how they should go about doing it.

But, if you have a plan in place hanging or displaying your collection can be a breeze.

Looking for a few exciting new pieces to add to your gallery?

We have everything you may need to turn your home into a work of art, and the gear to make sure you look good while doing it. Visit us today!




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