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5 Reasons Your Living Room Needs a Modern Rug

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Posted on February 15 2018

Sometimes, a room is missing something. A stylish modern rug can help bring it to life. Check out these five reasons you should consider adding one.

Are you thinking about getting a modern rug to bring an area in your home to life? Beyond size and color, there are other things to consider.

Area rugs are much more than just a floor covering. They bring beauty, order, and comfort into our homes. And they can be a sense of pride for homeowners. There's also a psychological aspect to rugs.

Check out these five reasons why you should consider adding a stylish contemporary rug to your home decor.

1. A Modern Rug Will Change Your Environment

It's amazing how changing your environment can change your perspective on life. And changing your environment can be as easy as adding a great modern rug.

Area rugs add a feeling of warmth to a room. And they provide a backdrop for furniture and other elements in the room. That sense of warmth and order elicits a sense of safety and belonging.

So, adding a contemporary rug to your home is a great choice for both design and psychological reasons.

2. Make a Statement

The choices we make in decorating our home says something about us. If your home has neutral colored walls and floors, you need a focal point of interest and color to bring it to life.

Let your personality shine through with the vibrant colors and patterns of a modern rug.

When it comes to colors, you have a lot of flexibility when choosing a rug. Your rug doesn't have to match the color of your existing room elements exactly. Rug colors can complement and contrast the accents, curtains, and furniture in a room.

Your choice of fabric can also make a statement. Wool says warmth and comfort. Synthetic is a less expensive option. Silk communicates luxury and sophistication. Viscose is its less expensive substitute.

Adding the right rug will allow you to express your personality through your preferences in color, textures, design, and style.

3. Create an Optical Illusion

If you've ever wanted to take a magic wand and recreate challenging spaces in your home, a great rug can work like magic.

A rug can open a room or a space that feels closed in. Dark colors make spaces look smaller and light colors make spaces look larger.

Another way to make your room look bigger is to use a rug large enough to accommodate all your furniture. A smaller rug can make the room look out of scale, giving you a feeling that something isn't right.

modern rug The Gretest

4. Communicate Unity and Harmony

We see our homes as a place to retreat from the outside world. Our decor should provide a sense of unity and harmony.

Rugs have a way of pulling a room together. They can also bring order to a room by dividing spaces.

The interplay between rugs and furniture can create a peaceful haven. And visually, it's also pleasing to the eye.

Colors have their own psychology for creating unity and harmony. Warm tones like orange, rust and earth tones encourage conversation and connection where people gather.

5. Express Your Trendy Side

Living in the 21st century compels us to look at home d?cor with an eye for sleek, clean designs, bold colors and a bit of flare.

A great area rug can be the source of a room's energy and provide a basic color palette for an area or the entire room. The vibrant colors can lift your mood. And the various colors give you lots of flexibility for changing curtains and accents for a new look.

Bold geometric prints give a sense of the contemporary and trendy. Here are some examples of great geometric rug designs.

Modern rug from The Gretest

Ready to Go Shopping for a Modern Rug?

When you go shopping for that perfect rug, you want to have a good idea about the colors, size, and fabric you want. And you want to make sure you know your room dimensions, and sizes of your sofa and other large furniture pieces.

Check out home d?cor sources that carry unique and creative rugs. At The Gretest, we carry a line of modern rug designs that are unique and beautiful.

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