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5 Modern Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For 2018

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Posted on January 11 2018

Image showing road map rug in kids bedroom

A kids bedroom can be a wonderful expression of your child’s uniqueness, style and preferences. Graduating from a nursery to a little girl or little boy’s bedroom can be super exciting, and a perfect opportunity for collaboration between parent and child on designing a space they can call their own. It may be that you have had two children sharing a room for a while and they finally get to have their own separate room. Your child may already have in mind a theme or colour preference and can’t wait to get designing and choosing furniture, wall paint and soft furnishings.

If you are looking to create a unique, expressive, stylish room for your child and are looking for some inspiration, then have a look at the following modern kids bedroom ideas to get you started.

New York Loft

If you are going for a more modern look, perhaps for an older child, the New York loft look is for you. Exposed brickwork, bare floorboards (or a wood panel vinyl floor) and more industrial style furniture feature in this look. You can cheat on the exposed brickwork by using brick wallpaper to add to your ultra cool, neutral, modern loft style. Why not add a pop of colour with this stylish owl rug.  


Geometric shapes are still very much on trend and you won't struggle to find all kinds of amazing accessories and furniture to compliment the design. Using bright colours, and lots of big shapes inspires fun and imagination, whilst still maintaining a stylish and modern look. Consider adding a plush pillow tent full of geometric pillows for story-time and relaxed play.

Arts and crafts

This room is for the kid who loves to design and create and for the adult who likes the idea of DIY design. This style features details such as walls covered in framed artwork by your child, painted plant pots and knitted soft furnishings. You could design and paint a mural on a feature wall in the bedroom to inspire creativity, or ask your little one to help you make accessories to dot around the room like this homemade dream catcher. Add a ‘creation station’ - a large desk with plenty of arts and crafts materials, a big pinboard for displaying artwork, and you’re all set.


A black and white room can work particularly well for boys. If designed successfully using bold shapes and big patterns, you can create a deep and dramatic look. Quirky accessories and art will add a playful element to this extremely modern and strong kids room design. Star Wars is a currently a very popular theme and this monochrome Darth Vader rug would look perfect as a focal piece in the room.


image showing a unicorn designed kids bedroom

Image by: Rocky Mountain Decals

Unicorn themes are hugely on trend. Soft pinks, greys, purples and rose gold colours, glitter and ribbons all feature heavily in a unicorn themed kids room. Avoid sharp colours like fuschia pink or going full rainbow. Cloud shaped pillows and a unicorn shaped lamp

would make perfect accessories.

Keeping a kids bedroom largely neutral can also be a really good idea as you can easily change accessories and furniture as they grow up and their tastes change. With the right accessories and modern colour combinations, your childs room will be a haven for play and sleep, whilst looking chic and stylish along with the rest of your beautiful home.



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