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5 Colorful Tablecloths - Introducing Spring to Your Home

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Posted on January 18 2018

Image showing a washing line with three colorful tablecloths blowing in the wind

Winter is still here for many of us, with cold weather and storms blowing in from every direction. However, following hibernation at Christmas, most of us are very much looking forward to spring. The anticipation of longer days and budding flowers bring new life and new opportunities onto the horizon. We’re taking a look at how to refresh your home in preparation for this season by the addition of colorful tablecloths.

The heart of your home is your dining table. Family meals. Candlelit soirees. Dinner parties. Saturday breakfast pancakes. Sunday morning coffee and pastries - you get the picture. You can gradually introduce spring into your home by spreading a seasonally inspired colorful tablecloth over your dining table. It just takes one change to bring your dining area into the colors, styles and trends for SS 2018, so why not use the following inspiration as a starting point for a decor refresh.

Check out these 5 colorful tablecloths:


Nautical, colorful tablecloth

You can have a nautical theme without having plastic dolphins and tacky shell displays. Simple blue and white tones, with seaside shapes (wave ripples, soft sand shapes etc) bring a refreshing and light feel to a room, perfect for spring. This beautiful blue and white nautical tablecloth is the ideal dining room centerpiece for a fresh and airy dining area.


Hawaiian style colorful tablecloth

Hawaiian style decor brings with it some of the richest, beautiful styles and colors around. If you want a unique and bright inspiration for color, Hawaii should be a top consideration. This stunning surf tablecloth is a wonderful starting point for an exciting and aesthetically expressive room. Perfect if you're nervous of using color in your decor palette and want something that pops against your neutrals.


Scandi colorful tablecloth

Scandi-chic is still very big in decor and it affords the opportunity to play with shapes and patterns in a simple way. A scandi-style colorful tablecloth may be bright in tone and work with a color blocking theme where key shades are seen in other items in an otherwise neutral and simply decorated room. This Scandinavian tomatoes tablecloth is the perfect colorful tablecloth for a modern scandi-style room.


Tetris colorful tablecloth

Geometric shapes will stay on trend for a while as designers play with the endless linear patterns available in different shades, colors and textures. This gorgeous Tetris tablecloth is an ideal centerpiece if you’ve fallen for this trend. It is colorful and modern, creating a playful take on the geometric trend.

Soft colors

Colorful tablecloth with pink base color

Soft pastel pink is certainly one key color you can use to gently include this trend in your main living area. Cloud art, crushed velvet and gentle patterns all suggest the theme without creating a sickly aesthetic. This pink and colors tablecloth is the perfect adult soft furnishing to enable grownups to be playful in their decor choices.

With some imagination, creativity and a little fun, you can breathe some life and fresh life into your dining area. Choose a colorful tablecloth as your starting point, and then build on the color scheme into the surrounding walls, furnishings and accessories, all in time for Spring 2018.



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