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4 Ways to Decorate with Modern Throw Pillows

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Posted on April 13 2018

Decorating with modern throw pillows gives a room that splash of color, style, and personality you want. Take a look at these easy pillow decor ideas.

 Remodeling one's family room can potentially cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars. Picking out modern throw pillows are not usually a person's top priority during this process.

However, the right throw pillows can inject any room in your house with the color, style, and personality you have always wanted.

Modern throw pillows don't just sit on your couch like boring decorations. They help magnify the overall look of your furniture through color contrast or unique prints.

Do you want to improve the family or living room in your house with throw pillows but aren't sure of where to start? Don't worry. We've got some ideas for you.

Read on to discover four easy ways you can decorate with modern throw pillows.

What to Look For With Modern Throw Pillows

An odd number of pillows, such as three or five, helps to create a more modern look. Try to pick larger pillows and avoid smaller ones.

The typical size for throw pillows you will want is anywhere from 18 to 24 inches wide.

modern throw pillows

Pillows of this size put strong, bold colors on display, whether you desire warm or cool colors. They also have enough room for a unique pattern.

These throw pillows will normally be made of cotton or linen material. If you want to go even more outside the box, choose fur-covered pillows.

Striped and Simple

A simple but effective choice for throw pillows is stripes.

There are a variety of stripes to choose from: vertical or horizontal, large or small, straight or wavy. There's also plenty of colors you can select as well.

If you have a dark, solid color couch, such as a brown or black one, these pillows look particularly striking.

Black and White

Do you have a more muted room with black, grays, and whites but don't want to add any bright or bold colors? Black and white throw pillows are a great option.

Many of these pillows feature simple, classic designs, such as flowers, hearts, and even arrows.

modern throw pillows

They are guaranteed to bring a sense of elegance to any room you put them in.

Shape It Up

Add some fun, eye-catching patterns to a more plain, traditional family room with geometric throw pillows.

These pillows feature shapes of all kinds, from circles to squares to triangles. Some even have X's and O's, as if you are playing pillow tic-tac-toe.

If you want to insert even more energy into the room, try out these party pillows, which feature a martini glass-design.

Bring the Ocean to Your Family Room

Plenty of people throughout the United States own vacation homes. Many of these houses or condos are by the sea.

The best way to decorate these homes is with ocean-inspired decor, including nautical throw pillows.

A lot of these pillows feature pictures of fish, such as octopuses and crabs. Some of them also have vacation-inspired images or sayings that will put just about anyone in a relaxed mood.

Going Forward

With these design options in mind, your perfect family room or living room can easily become a reality.

Just remember the important role throw pillows play in creating that space. The right set of pillows can bring something new and fresh to any room in your house.

Do you have any specific home decor questions or concerns that you think we could help with? If so, please contact us so we can assist you!



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