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4 Modern Tablecloths to Add Style to Your Dining Room

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Posted on June 05 2018

Do you want to add a modern touch to your dining room but aren't sure how? Find inspiration with these modern tablecloths.

 Imagine renovating your kitchen every time you feel like changing your home decor. That would be insane, right?

But in reality, you can completely change the look of your dining room with just a few accessories. Things like table runners, glassware, creative centerpieces and modern tablecloths are all quick shortcuts to change the aesthetic of a room.

It's easy to do and there is literally an infinite number of options to add color to your kitchen or even, make it feel like a brand new room.

Our Favorite Modern Tablecloths

A modern tablecloth is a great way to show create a totally new look for your dining room and display a little personality at the same time.

And for the parents out there, you'll be happy to hear that all of these tablecloths are made from polyester meaning no more stressing about your little ones spills. Just toss it in the washing machine and you're good to go.

A Touch of Whimsy

Cute and kitschy patterns like the one found on this adorable dinosaur-themed tablecloth add a playful touch of whimsy to your kitchen. To maintain a modern aesthetic, pair the bold pattern with solid colored napkins and dinnerware.

Modern Tablecloth by The Gretest

A great way to bring your home decor together without looking overmatched is with complementary fabrics. A decorative pillow in a similar color palette gives brings your home decor together.

Greek Island Life

Doesn't this gorgeous blue and white modern tablecloth remind you of Santorini? Not just the colors of the seaside town, but the gentle curve of the blue lines make us think of the Mediterranean lapping at our feet.

Modern tablecloth by The Gretest

Pair this tablecloth with light colored tableware and silver candlesticks and prepare to be transported to a Greek rooftop. Don't forget the red wine!

Live Boldly

Statement patterns have been in fashion for a long time and they're a great design for a modern tablecloth. Besides being fun colors, and a good conversation piece, these bold patterns are perfect for a small space because it leads the eye into the middle of the room.

We think the bold patterns are best paired with solid colored tableware in dark colors to enhance the effect of the statement pattern.

Get Tropical

This exciting tropical print tablecloth will have you feeling ready to put on a lei and hula skirt year-round. In fact, it would be perfect for a luau-themed party! Or just to chase away those winter blues.

We're dreaming of fresh seafood and pina coladas already! For dinnerware, embrace your tropical theme with pineapple printed napkins and brightly colored dishes. Pineapple print has been on trend lately, so now is the perfect time to try out a tropical-themed kitchen.

Ready, Set, Start Decorating!

Giving your home a modern look is easy with uniquely patterned rugs, modern tablecloths and more. Choose the patterns that make you happy and you'll always feel happy when you're sitting down for a meal.

We've started you off with a few ideas but check out The Gretest for a lot more design inspiration!



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