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3 Ways Stylish Modern Shower Curtains Will Transform Your Bathroom

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Posted on May 21 2018

Transform Your Bathroom with a Modern Shower Curtain

Discover how stylish modern shower curtains can make your small bathroom look larger, stylish, and oh, so clean! Check out our selection of stylish shower curtains that fit every bathroom style!

Modern Shower curtain by The Gretest


You've done it - after weeks of moving preparations or remodeling work, you've finally created the bathroom you've been dreaming of. Whether you now have the perfect master bathroom or you're excited to give your child his/her own new washing area, there's really something about all the pieces coming together.

The tiles are just right, the mirror is beautiful, and the tub is something you can see someone spending a lot of time in. But, maybe there are a few details still missing! Take a closer look and see how you feel about everything from the bathroom mats to the shower curtains.

Swapping these out for something new may be the bathroom ideas you didn't realize you needed during the design process. If what you need is a new shower curtain, keep reading to find out how modern shower curtains can upgrade your bathroom design.

1. Express Yourself

Modern shower curtains aren't your grandma's old digs. These are fun, expressive designs meant to stand out.

The right one is a reflection of your personal style; it represents your eye for interior design and a bit of your unique charm, too. As such, don't say the bathroom project is complete until you find the perfect shower curtain that speaks to you.

2. Create More Space

Maybe you've been struggling to find ways to make your bathroom look bigger. If the shower is in a tight corner or it seems to take up all the space, the curtains can do the trick.

The colors, pattern, and length will play a trick on the eyes. A neutral tone will make a shower that feels too big look more proportional to other things in the bathroom. A shower curtain that is fun and vibrant, on the other hand, can make a small washing area look bigger than it actually is.

Modern Shower Curtain by The Gretest

3. Add a Pop of Color

Let's face it - bathrooms are kind of an underestimated part of the house. When most homeowners think of a design remodel, they imagine a new kitchen set up or a fresh bedroom design.

But, once you do make your way to the bathroom, you have to make sure it matches the rest of the house! A pop of color can do the trick. This is a great design detail to use if you have a lively, boho chic living room or an open, beach theme in the kitchen.

The right pattern and color on the curtain can transform the whole bathroom, and make it mesh well with the rest of the house.

Shop Modern Shower Curtains

As valuable as a shower curtain can be to a bathroom's design, it only does so when you find the one that works best for your specific space. You may love a bunch of modern shower curtains in the store, but the choice will be clear when you think of each option in terms of your own bathroom.

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