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Home Summer Trends: Bright Green & Tangerine

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Posted on July 20 2017

We take a closer look at one of Summer brightest home trends: bright green & tangerine...

citrus and green home decor trend 2017

Summer is one of the most exciting months for home decor, because you've had spring to clean and clear out all the dismal dusty winter things from the cold nights in. The warm weather has finally come, and you get to put out those sunshine feelings in the look of your home. Who wants thick, dark and dreary colours when you can have brights to light up the season of sun?!

One key trend that really supports the brighter months is the bright green and tangerine trend. 


Pantone's 2017 color of the year is Greenery. And we're seeing it everywhere in interior design this summer. It's a bright, fresh green, very Kermit like. Refreshing to look at bright green is used in design to incorporate nature alongside the rebirth and connection with nature that the color represents. It looks absolutely gorgeous with wooden furniture and floors, as well as statement patterned pieces like funky art work on the walls, or even some metal pieces like silver lanterns or ornaments. 

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How to incorporate bright green into your home

With the green trend, you could go all out and paint the walls green and easily design around that being your base colour. It is so mellow it really does work with a lot of textures and colour.

However, if you're not the type to repaint or wallpaper every season, then you're best accessorising with bright green. Here are some easy suggestions: 

  • Paint a plain wicker chair or stool in the green of your choice. Once the trend is over you can paint it white for all-year-round chic.
  • Accessorize neutral indoor or outdoor sofas with one of our beautiful green throw pillows such as the Green Life cushion, or the Yellow Apples pillow
  • Get some greenery in the home, via bonsai trees, ferns or perhaps a chic succulent garden?
  • Consider some green throws or blankets in the bedroom, in the living room and in your outdoor area
  • How about some disposable green items, such as candles or even more organic and temporary: fruit and vegetables?

Citrus Orange Interiors

Orange this season is very citrusy, very bright and exciting to look at: no pastels allowed here! Like the bright green, it works really well with natural materials and colours like wood and silver metals. It also works to enhance dusky pinks and blues with a Moroccan influence. In fact, moroccan patterns incorporating tangerine are stunning and completely in-season. They're a fabulous way to adorn outdoor seating areas for romantic summer nights entertaining into the early hours.

citrus home furnishingsHow to incorporate citrus orange into your home

With the orange trend, you are much less likely to incorporate it into entire walls or flooring plans. Instead, the way to bring it into your home relates to your furniture and soft furnishings. Orange rugs for outdoor covered decking areas are very cool, and embracing tropical orange flowers and fruits for decoration is also a great idea.

Here are some more easy suggestions:

  • Place our Scandinavian colorful throw pillow or Sailing Decorative Pillow on outdoor furniture for gorgeous, bright patterned nods to the tangerine trend
  • Pop some bright tangerine art on the walls inspired by nature. Some macro art in orange would look extremely modern and on trend, particularly on a white background
  • Paint plain wooden shelving orange for a bright and beautiful storage solution
  • Get some bold tangerine and patterned tangerine throws mixed with white throws and built a multi-textured and multi-layered area perhaps including bean bags and some candles for ambience

Of course, these are all suggestions. Decor is only fun if you are creative with it, and you enjoy it with your own personal taste and style. Create your own green and tangerine dream in your home for the summer, so even if the sunshine doesn't last, your home will have plenty of mood-lifting brights for you to enjoy. 



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